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UFC 148: Steven Seagal Says He Taught Anderson Silva Techniques That People Won't Be Expecting

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Steven Seagal speaks to Ariel Helwani about his prized student in Anderson Silva -- Photo by<a href="" target="new"> Esther Lin</a>
Steven Seagal speaks to Ariel Helwani about his prized student in Anderson Silva -- Photo by Esther Lin

Anderson Silva is back, and so is Steven Seagal. He spoke to Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour about a myriad of topics including Anderson Silva's next bout against Chael Sonnen. The actor and practitioner of traditional martial arts says that on UFC 148, people can expect to see some new and unique things that he has just taught the UFC champion:

"I have (trained with Anderson Silva for this camp). I gave him some stuff that I consider to be very special, and I think it is also stuff that I don't think most people will be expecting."

"Well, there are millions of techniques that no one has ever seen in the UFC. I've showed him some of those, but I'm not going to talk about what they are. There are things that I think if Anderson decides to use them, they'll be very effective."

"One never knows what a fighter is going to do until he gets out there. When he fought... Vitor Belfort, I was with him until seconds before he went out. That was exactly what I asked him to do and to a ‘T,' it was just perfect. Sometimes they do it, what you suggested and what you taught. Sometimes they go on their own, because he has an amazing plethora of different techniques, they're very effective."

"...We were doing Mixed Martial Arts before they even began using that term, so I've got a plethora of techniques that are not widely used in the UFC at all. I'm trying to bring some of those with me 'cause I think they'll be very effective."

More after the jump, where he speaks about the Sonnen fight, and what kind of student Silva is.

Seagal talked about what kind of a student Silva was:

"With me he's already been very, very, very humble. He either fears me pretends to fear me. He's a consummate gentleman, a great student and a great friend. To me he's the way I'd want any of my students or friends to be."

As for the first bout against Chael Sonnen, Seagal says he had an unfair advantage on their first bout, but this time, he thinks Silva will win handily:

"Chael last time had an extremely unfair advantage. Because, you know, that whole deal with I don't know what it's called, steroids, or whatever, performance-enhancing drugs or whatever. ... I think this time, probably he'll be a little more careful with that, and I think that will even the playing field."

"Let's just say this, I think this time, they're both going to be at their best. I don't think there's going to be any controversy, I don't think there's going to be any injuries. I think two great fighters are going to go out there and have it out, and I think my guy's going to win. My guy's going to win handily this time."

Check out the rest at MMA Fighting as there are much more topics discussed including Seagal's thoughts on a potential Jones vs. Silva super-fight.