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ShoFight 20 Results: Karo Loses Again, Brunson Victim Of Questionable Judging

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ShoFight 20 went down in Springfield, Missouri last night and it wasn't too bad overall. The card had a lot of recognizable names and most of the fights were good. It had the quirks you come to expect from regional MMA promotions, but nothing that took too much away from the presentation. Here's a rundown of the show.

The main event saw Karo Parisyan take on late replacement (and natural lightweight) John Gunderson. Parisyan looked good for a bit, but ate a big knee to the cheekbone while wading in for a takedown and it was the beginning of the end. Gunderson ended up locking up a guillotine, which led Parisyan to tap for the first time in his career.

Karo said after the fight that he tapped due to the pressure on his cheekbone and he wasn't being choked, but he still lost. He's now 1-4 in his last 5. Gunderson kind of threw the promotion under the bus a bit when he announced that he was going back to lightweight (while holding their welterweight belt), which was amusing.

In the co-main event, Kendall Grove took on Derek Brunson for the promotion's middleweight title, despite the bout taking place at 190 pounds (Brunson was a very late replacement). Strikeforce took a chance by lending one of few legit prospects out for a bout like this, and it definitely backfired on them. Brunson controlled the wrestling throughout the fight, while Grove controlled the standup. The first was kind of close but it appeared Brunson spent a lot more time in control. The second was clearly Brunson's, the third was Grove's. But the scorecards were definitely head-scratchers.

The judges gave Grove the split decision (which was somewhat defensible) but both judges in his favor had it 30-27 for the Hawaiian (which was complete crap). Brunson lost his undefeated status, and Grove picked up his biggest win since his UFC release.

The other bouts on the card were okay. Lyle Beerbohm used wrestling and top control to win a spirited decision over Marcus Aurelio, while Drew Fickett sadly caught a head kick early and never recovered, losing to Jonatas Novaes in just 51 seconds. Also picking up wins on the main card were Mike Wessel and Chris Greutzemacher. You can check out the full results and play-by-play here.