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Timothy Bradley On Pacquiao Fight: I Won, It Was Not A Controversial Decision

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Immediately after the decision against Manny Pacquiao has been announced, Timothy Bradley was asked if he felt that the judges had it right, and he said he will have to watch the tape again to be sure. Not exactly assuring, but a day later, the new champion has a stronger opinion on the widely contested decision.

He spoke to RingTV about it:

I won the fight, without a doubt. You could say I won the first round, give or take the second. Lost the third, lost the fourth, lost the fifth, maybe even lost the sixth, you know, give or take. But from seven, eight, nine, 10, 11 and 12, I clearly dominated those rounds, man. I dominated those rounds. I know that I won those rounds.

I mean, this guy was supposed to stop me. He was supposed to knock me out. But I took his best punches, and I fought back hard. You know what I mean?

My corner and I honestly feel that I won the fight. Fair and square. It was not controversial decision or nothing like that. It is what it is, man. The judges got it right, that's what I feel. There were some close rounds in there that they probably gave to me, because, like I said, I fought every minute of every damn round.

They were probably like, "this dude is only fighting in the first half of the round or the last 30 seconds of a rounds." They probably caught on to that.

I think "fighting every minute of every round" is pretty irrelevant to judging, especially when your opponent still lands not only with more volume, but also with the cleaner and more powerful shots. If 'working', regardless if it's effective or not, is the reasoning these judges used, then I think they're not fit to hold those jobs... but what do I know? Both the NSAC and at least one judge felt like the scoring wasn't an issue anyway.

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I never really expected him to say that he lost the fight, but is it even fair to say there is really no controversy? I'll let Scott Christ tackle that after the jump.

Here's Bad Left Hook's take on his statement:

If it is what it is, then it is a controversial decision. It is a decision that 48 of 51 members of the boxing media, according to Ryan Maquinana at CSN Bay Area, disagree with, most by a wide margin. It is a decision that, of 265 scores collected from around the internet at Fight Score Collector, 248 disagree with.

That is what it is. I mean, that's literally what it is.


I don't blame Tim Bradley for any of this. Not the fight, not the way it was scored, and not this interview. Bradley, like anyone else, would protect his brand name here even if he really thought maybe he didn't get the win in this one. Bob Arum says that Bradley told him in the ring that he didn't think he'd won, before the scores were read.

I believe in my guts that Timothy Bradley did the best he could, particularly with two injuries to his foot and ankle on opposite legs last night. I believe in my guts that Timothy Bradley's performance should be commended. I believe in my guts that if there is a rematch, Timothy Bradley should again be considered a live underdog -- now he has 12 rounds of experience with Manny, and knows what he did right and wrong, and knows what Manny does right and wrong.

And I believe in my guts that he lost last night.

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