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Daily Show With Jon Stewart Calls MMA 'Ancient Greek Gay'

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Comedy Central's Daily Show was doing one of their usual bits featuring White House Senior Correspondent John Oliver discussing President Obama's views on gay marriage, the sitcom Will & Grace. Then they segue into a bit about how much more "gay" television has gotten and Oliver mentions MMA. Well he doesn't mention it by name but he refers to it as, "That sport where guys roll around and punch each other in the ****."

Then they show a brief clip from Chris Saunders vs. Sam Sicilia from The Ultimate Fighter Live two weeks ago.

When Jon Stewart interjects that "I don't think that's gay," Oliver erupts with the following rant:

"What is not gay about that, Jon? I think that might be the the gayest thing I've ever seen. That is Ancient Greek gay. I don't want to argue about this, that's a fact Jon!"

Wow. It's funny and all but one has to savor the irony of the UFC being in consistent PR hot water based on the homophobic outbursts of Dana White, Joe Rogan and so many of its fighters being memed as "Ancient Greek gay."