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Dana White Says UFC is 'Neck And Neck With Soccer' On A Global Basis

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UFC President Dana White and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta recently sat down with Lee Hawkins of the Wall Street Journal to talk about the company. The interview is about five minutes long, and sticks mostly to the business side of things. They discuss each of their roles in the company, and why they bought it in the first place.

There are two interesting quotes that came out of the video - first, Dana said that 70% of their fighters have a college education (something he's repeated often, but I'm not sure anyone's actually sat down to verify that). The other is a whopper - according to Dana, on a global basis, they're bigger than the NFL and "neck and neck with soccer". That's a pretty dubious claim to me. They might be able to get away with the NFL claim because the sport has little presence outside North America. But soccer? Come on now.

You can check out the video below the jump.