MMA and the notion of picking on guys smaller than you.

You hear everyday in school yards across the world.... "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?” Growing up, most young men are taught that fighting a man smaller than you is a no-no, and that you should stick to guys your own size.

Ironically, MMA promotes the exact opposite. The majority of guys who reign as the champions of their respective weight classes often are much larger than their opponents. Similarly, you often see a guy drop a weight class to make a run for a title, such as Kenny Florian in his attempt to capture the 145 belt. Even Dana White is an advocate of bigger guys cutting to smaller classes, most recently suggesting that Daniel Cormier should probably drop to 205...even though he's been destroying dudes at HW. Even guys like Jon Jones, who weigh in at 205 pounds, end up fighting at a weight that is closer to 225 pounds. Ditto for Anderson Silva.

So why is this? What is MMA's obsession with picking on guys smaller than them? Is there even a need to do so? One of the best fighters ever to live was considered small for his weight class, yet managed to go undefeated for 10 years. Is this a side-effect from the evolution of MMA?

No matter what the reasoning is behind this trend, I personally would like it to stop. That's why guys like BJ and Frankie get my respect....they stick to the school yard mentality of picking on someone your own size. I'd like to see more fighters follow suit.

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