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UFC 146: Dana White Talks Josh Barnett, Arianny Celeste, Jon Jones, and More

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UFC president Dana White is usually the center of attention following big shows, and UFC 146 was no different. White addressed a media scrum after the post-fight press conference and talked about a bunch of things not related to the show itself. MMA Fighting was able to videotape the scrum. He gave his thoughts on Josh Barnett and Gilbert Melendez potentially coming over to the UFC, talked about Arianny Celeste and Jon Jones' legal issues of late, and passed on how he heard about Vitor Belfort's broken hand. you can catch the video below, and all the choice quotes after the jump.

SBN coverage of UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir

On Josh Barnett potentially fighting in the UFC:

"We'll see what happens. We don't have a good history of being able to deal with Josh very well, you know what I mean? Josh is his own man. He beats his chest and wants the world to know that he's his own man. There's nothing wrong with that."

On Arianny Celeste's legal troubles over the weekend:

"It's her personal business. That's my baby, we love her, she's been with us forever and she's a good girl, and we're 100% behind her."


"Arianny's been around for a long time, she's been making money for a long time. This was just a personal issue that I don't know enough about. But I know enough about her that...we got her."

On Jon Jones and his own legal troubles:

"He's a young kid and he's gonna need a lot of guidance, a lot of guidance. The kid is incredibly talented, starting to make tons of money, and he's getting really famous. Those are all the recipes for disaster."

On Gilbert Melendez coming over to the UFC:

"I can't. It is what it is. You know, he's in this deal, he's one of the big stars over at Strikeforce. I tried to get in there and make that thing better with the guys and it just didn't work out. He's a big boy, he gets it. His day will come."