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MMA Gear Review: Bad Boy Pro Series Boxing Gloves

When starting off in training, one of the most daunting tasks can be shopping for gear. No matter what discipline you are going into, having good gear is a must, but knowing what gear is actually good is easier said than done. Add in hefty price tags, and it becomes an even bigger challenge. When I started my training, I didn't know what to get and went for mostly basic items (you can read my review of those items here). Now, over a year later, I've been upgrading, and am ready to pass along my experiences. We'll start with the gloves.

After beginning training with a pair of basic Everlast gloves, I upgraded to the Bad Boy Pro Series Leather Sparring Boxing Gloves. Bad Boy has long been one of the industry leaders for MMA gear, and for good reason - their equipment is always excellent quality with a real focus on durability and practicality. These gloves are a new product in their pro series, and are only available in 16 oz.

Putting them on, I immediately felt the difference from my old Everlast gloves. The Bad Boy gloves are a tight fit, but that's a decidedly good thing. With my old gloves, I was often tweaking my wrist, as they were too loose in the wrist. These new gloves have a much tighter fit, with a velcro strap that grips firmly across the wrists.

The other big difference is in the padding. Here, the padding is very concentrated in the knuckle area, where it should be. With my old gloves, there was more padding on the back of the hand, which doesn't actually do much for you. As a result, while I stayed with 16 oz gloves, my hands feel much more protected now on my punches. These are little details that you don't even notice until you get a better pair of gloves, but between that extra padding and the grip on my wrists, I feel much more confident throwing punches, which is great.

I've had these for about a month now, and they have shown no wear and tear yet. That includes the insides, which remain odor-free. I should note that I have used them for bag and pad work and sparring, all in Muay Thai.

Overall, I love these gloves. They are a big step-up from my old ones, and provide the needed protection while also being comfortable. At a retail price of $99.99 they are a step up in price as well, so if you are just getting started and want to begin with something more basic, go for it. But once you are ready to get serious, these Bad Boy gloves are the way to go - particularly if you are having any troubles with wrist control during training.

An enthusiastic thumbs up from me on the Bad Boy Pro Series Leather Sparring Boxing Glove. Check back down next week for more reviews.

Finally - I'm curious to hear your opinion. What do you look for in a good glove? And any other glove feedback to contribute?

And now - the legal fine print. I received these gloves for review purposes and did not pay for them. Bad Boy is also a sponsor of Bloody Elbow Radio. This does not affect my review in any way.