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Photo: Daniel Cormier And Josh Barnett Both Broke Their Hands During Strikeforce Bout

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Josh Barnett's Broken Hand
Josh Barnett's Broken Hand

Following last night's main event bout which crowned a Heavyweight Grand Prix winner and a new Strikeforce champion, Josh Barnett mentioned that he had broken his hand during the first round of the contest. Pictured on the right is the x-ray of Barnett's hand, which came with this message:

Here's what happened in the first :30...still threw it though. Of course that might not have so wise LOL.

The experienced veteran gutted through and toughed it out until the final bell, but it looks like his opponent, Daniel Cormier also had to go through a similar ordeal.

After the jump, the new Strikeforce champion talks about re-injuring the same hand he broke against Antonio Silva.

Cormier brought up the news about the injury during the post-fight press conference. MMA Fighting has it:

Cormier broke his right hand in the opening stanza of his five-round battle with the former UFC heavyweight champion. It was the same hand he broke when he knocked out Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva in September in the tournament semifinals.

The former Olympic wrestler decided against surgery the first time around, which made for an eight-month stretch between his fights. This time, he wants to let it properly heal.

"I think this time I'm going to take a different approach," Cormier said. "I think I'm going to have surgery on it and get it fixed, because I don't want it to be recurring and then end up costing me later and later on down the line."

The former Olympian said the injury luckily wasn't as bad as the last time he broke it during his bout against Antonio Silva:

"Normally when you get surgery you get it to heal faster," he said. "It's not as bad as it was the first time, because the first time, I could hardly I even move it."

Cormier did not tell his coaches about the injury, opting to just keep quiet, and continue working on the tools he had left. For the next 20 minutes or so, he out-landed and dominated a much more experienced fighter in Josh Barnett, landing head kicks, knees, and impressive takedowns which eventually notched him the biggest win of his career.