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Former MMA Fighter Dan Quinn Leaves Voicemail Death Threats For Dana White

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Dan Quinn is all kinds of crazy. A Californian MMA fighter with a 5-7 record, Quinn hasn't fought since 2010 after losing his last 3 fights in a row, and he never made it to the big leagues. Quinn became somewhat notorious online by putting out strange videos, and for his zealous belief in and endorsement of the supplement Stevia -- a sweet leaf sugar substitute that grows in the West of North and South America.

Dan Quinn is so passionate about the unfounded benefits of Stevia, he even managed to get UFC star Diego Sanchez to endorse its benefits a few years ago when he first made the cut to fight at 155lbs.Diego soon abandoned the cult of Stevia, and Quinn has since put out videos including one addressed to Sanchez titled "Diego Sanchez, I'd f--k your probably gay ass up, small guy"

The latest craziness from the 'Shaman of Stevia'? Leaving death threats on Dana White's voicemail.

Quinn is no stranger to directing rants at Dana White via youtube, but this time he's kicked it up a notch. On the voicemail, Quinn accuses Dana White of sending in hired guns to take him out and his family, to stop his Stevia movement, and so Quinn threatens to shoot Dana White in the head. Then a supposedly Irish man from Dublin leaves a couple of messages threatening Dana White for going after his boy Dan Quinn, insinuates a connection to the Boston Irish crime scene, and says he'll bomb Dana White and the Fertittas in response. This 'Irish' guy most likely being Dan Quinn doing a really bad accent. Among the three messages made available to TMZ, all are littered with the F-bombs and C-nukes you'd expect from someone as loony as Dan Quinn.

Dana White is taking it seriously though, and according to TMZ his security team have handed the tapes over to the Las Vegas police department for further investigation.

After the jump, video / audio of these death threats.