Alright, Let's Have a Reasonable Discussion about BECW in Live Posts

It's been kind of building for a while and tonight it kind of came to a head. So instead of occupying hundreds of posts in the same thread of a Live Blog, let's have a reasonable discussion here. As much as Zach says it's not a big deal because the staff hasn't said anything, you also never find them in the Live threads, maybe that's why.

Anyway, since plenty of people on both sides voiced their opinions, let's try and flesh it out there. I'm not saying have one side against the other, but maybe some sort of compromise.

Just so you know where I stand, since I'm not playing favorites, here are four pro/con:

In Support of BECW:

1. I've been in fantasy sports since I was ten years old. I tweet and post way more about FanDuel then anyone cares about, and I include gambling odds in my weekly column. Obviously, I love that aspect about the fight game.

2. I'm in favor of whatever it takes to bring new fans to a sport. There have been countless fans (be it girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, family members, etc...) that have been drawn to different sports because of fantasy. The more true MMA fans we, not only as a Bloody Elbow community, but also an MMA community can get the better.

3. Speaking of which, the sense of community. I love this place. Obviously, since I've written probably a hundred or so pieces without seeing a dime and I've been banned three times but still come back. I'm a fan of anything that makes Bloody Elbow the best motherfucking site and community on the web. I consider you guys online buddies, but since MMA promotions view my region as poison, I haven't gotten to meet any of you, but I want to.

4. Live and let live. I talk about food and booze a lot, in fact, it's what I'm kinda known for in live threads. I don't care what off-topic things people talk about, and I'm often a facilitator of those. I love when things go off-the-rails and we're free to talk about whatever the fuck we want.

In Support of Non-BECW:

1. Nobody likes that guy. You all know that guy. You're watching your favorite team, biting your nails off, sweating, wearing your jersey, and some douche in the back keeps talking about how he NEEDS Mike Wallace to score two touchdowns or else he loses that week. So when Ike Redman punches one in from the goalline, you're ecstatic, but Fantasy Guy is moping and bitching, EVEN IF HE'S A STEELER FAN!. Nobody likes that guy.

2. The spirit of the fight game. Fantasy-wise, t's not different with combat sports. We all have our favorite and our least favorite fighters. At it's nature, all sports are emotional. If I love Rashad Evans and you hate him, fine. We can debate that, we can argue. I'll get banned again, most likely. But being upset because Rashad TKO'd someone in the 2nd instead of the 3rd? That seems cheap. We all came to this sight because we're MMA fans. We're fight guys. A lot of us wear our hearts on our sleeve. I get asked a lot why I don't do BECW. It's because I want my enjoyment of the fighters to be because I love the sport. I want to love and hate guys based on what I see, not what I want my bank account to see. Again, it's hypocritical because I love betting, but this isn't even real money. It's a game. I know the bittersweet moments of having your team's QB throw a game-ending pick to the Defense you own, but that should take a backseat to my allegiances AS A FAN. Look at any major sport's game threads. Maybe a passing mention about fantasy, but the crux is about the game. The sport we're all fans of.

3. On a literal note, it really clogs shit up. This is where compromise comes in. CTRL-Z is my friend, but it's constantly being littered with numbers. Can we at least agree to not have everyone post their current scores after EVERY fight? I spend so much time CTRL-Zing posts with 45, 37, 46, 49, 32, 5, 71, 62, etc..., it's like being back in accounting class, and I'm so busy zipping through those that I miss some awesome comments.

4. Listen, I know there are 120 or so involved in BECW. And like I said up top, it absolutely has its advantages, and maybe this is a myopic view or whatever, but I love when conversations evolve organically. Take the Michael McDonald shit tonight. That had nothing to do with fantasy, it just happened. Think of all the great memes around BE, none of them happened because people were posting scores. Like I said, you all are absolutely witty motherfuckers and I love talking to you guys because things are fascinating. Tachi Palace Fights 10, ProElite 2, SUPA FITE LEEG, BE Night Crew, flipping back and forth on the greatest day in MMA history (Bellator 58/UFC 139), those had nothing to do with Playground, and they were some of the best times ever. Being a slave to BECW takes away that organic growth to me. I dunno.

So anyway, there's my $.02

Let's try and keep it civil. LETS MUTHERFUKERS.

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