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UFC On Fuel 3 TV Results: Brad Tavares Gets Decision Over Dongi Yang

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Photo by Zuffa LLC via Getty Images.
Photo by Zuffa LLC via Getty Images.

UFC Middleweight Brad Tavares came on strong in the third round to squeak past Dongi Yang in the final preliminary card fight at UFC on Fuel TV 3.

UFC On Fuel 3 TV Results: Brad Tavares defeated Dongi Yang by unanimous decision (29-28 x3).

Yang came out firing punches and leg kicks, driving Tavares back but not landing much. Tavares countered with some strikes of his own, both punches and kicks but not quite finding the mark. Yang complained about an eye poke and got a brief break to towel off his eye.

Yang immediately landed an eye poke of his own and ref Dan Miragliotta called for another pause in the action.

When they returned Yang landed a left and forced a clinch. Tavares got the underhooks and tried to take Yang down from the clinch. He failed and the round ended on. Yang's ribs were marked by Tavares' kicks. Yang landed a big left for the biggest strike of the round.

In the second, Tavares pressed forward and forced exchanges of kicks before landing a right hand. Yang landed a front switch kick to the throat and seemed to have hurt Tavares. Yang landed a sharp jab. Yang began to back Tavares up and landed some combinations. Tavares clearly struggled with a hurt left eye but Yang didn't capitalize and left his lead right hand unused. Yang locked up and got a trip takedown but Tavares bounced right back up to his feet. Yang attempted an osari gari but Tavares managed to bring Yang down with him and pop right back up.

Round three saw Tavares go for an early takedown that finally got Yang down after a very involved scramble. Yang paused for breath while sitting against the cage. Yang's stalemate forced a stand up. Tavares landed front body kick. Yang seemed hesitant on the feet, wary of Tavares' take down. Yang then caught a nut shot from a front kick and took a break. Tavares scored with a few jabs and a couple of kicks.

The fight ended with Yang working for a take down.

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