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UFC On Fuel TV: Korean Zombie Vs. Poirier - Live Results And Play-By-Play For Facebook Prelims

UFC on Fuel: Korean Zombie vs. Dustin Poirier Poster by Anton Tabuena
UFC on Fuel: Korean Zombie vs. Dustin Poirier Poster by Anton Tabuena

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC on Fuel TV 3. Our live coverage will start with the prelim card on Facebook (5:30 p.m. ET) through the Fuel TV main card (8 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

This post will cover live results and thoughts for the Facebook prelims.

On the prelims, Cody McKenzie looks to continue his growth since joining the UFC as he takes on Marcus LeVesseur. Middleweights Brad Tavares and Dongi Yang will also square off on the undercard. Two more lightweight battles take place on Facebook as TJ Grant squares off with Carlo Prater and Rafael dos Anjos faces Kamal Shalorus. A pair of bantamweight fights rounds out the prelims as Jeff Curran looks for his first UFC win against Johnny Eduardo and Alex Soto faces Francisco Rivera.

Make sure to come back and join us as the action goes down.

Update: I had the start time wrong. The stream starts at 5:30, not 5.

Francisco Rivera vs. Alex Soto - Round 1 - Soto with a head kick but Rivera tags him with a wild right. They're back to the feet and Rivera is juust blasting him. Shot after shot now and Soto is surviving but he's getting stung badly by every shot. Another big right to the ear and Soto is down again, but does get a desperation single leg to get on top on the ground. Doesn't take too long to get to the feet and Rivera lands a knee to the body. Soto is really, really hesitant to engage now, which makes a lot of sense. Rivera just keeps tagging Soto, who can't seem to understand to keep his left hand up. Jumping kick by Rivera lands and Soto is trying for the takedown again. A few knees to the body and a straight shot to the chin. 10-9 round for Rivera.

Round 2 - Corner denies Soto use of the stool, not a good idea ever in my mind unless your fighter doesn't want it. Soto trying to move away and potshot and does land a good jab. Shoots for a single and can't get it. Accidental low blow by Rivera and they break for a moment. Rivera landing the better shots as they resume, his shots just have so much more power on them. Good combination by Rivera and Soto's legs buckle badly but he waives Rivera on so Rivera hits him with a knee. Flying kick to the groin by Soto and we break again. Rivera starting to use some leg kicks now. Soto basically running away at this point. Not just circling but refusing to engage. Head kick to end a combo drops Soto, he's back up and eats a few more shots. Good chin, but chins don't win rounds. 10-9 Rivera.

Round 3 - Soto with a big takedown early, Rivera kicks him off to stand back up and lands a right hand. Jab by Soto and he's found a punch that works, but I've got him clearly down two rounds, so that isn't going to be enough. Front kick to the face by Rivera lands hard and now a right hand and Soto's legs are completely rubber but he's hanging. It's very impressive that Soto isn't getting finished, but less impressive that he's constantly getting hurt. Soto working the jab again, but that's not going to get him the stoppage he needs and he's not following it with a big overhand left or anything. 10-9 Rivera.

Official scorecards: 30-27 across the board. Francisco Rivera wins by unanimous decision.

Jeff Curran vs. Johnny Eduardo - Round 1 -A lot of feeling out with missed big strikes in the opening minute. Eduardo using some leg kicks and CUrran tries to respond with a side kick to the knee. Curran trying to use some big overhand rights now. My Facebook stream then stops working or the rest of the round, so I can't say much about what happened.

Round 2 - As the stream comes back up for me, Curran's leg is getting beat up by the leg kicks of Eduardo. Curran seems to have no real plan here, he's just standing with him and trying to land side kicks or wild power punches, but Eduardo is a much better striker. Eduardo blasts away with a heavy leg kick. Eduardo with two huge leg kicks and the second one looked like Curran wanted to collapse. Eduardo using nice head movement to avoid the telegraphed punches of Curran. Eduardo lands a big left hand near the end of the round. 10-9 Eduardo and I'm guessing he's up 20-18.

Round 3 - Curran just throwing out a soft jab and Eduardo tags him and lands another hard leg kick. Curran with a punch and tries to follow for a takedown, gives up on the clinch though and they're back to striking at range. Big left hand by Curran and Eduardo says it was an eye poke, ref says he didn't see it and that he has to fight, but does stop the fight to tell him. Curran throwing punches trying to take advantage and he does land a big left hand to the chin. Curran is having some success with his punches and even some combinations but a lot of that is probably a result of Eduardo's eye. Big right hand by Curran and he's trying like hell. I'd give him the round but he should lose the fight. 10-9 Curran. 29-28 Eduardo (i assume he won the first round)

Official scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Johnny Eduardo wins by unanimous decision.

Rafael dos Anjos vs. Kamal Shalorus - Round 1 - Shalorus doing his usual thing where he looks for a huge bomb. Rafael trying to be quicker and get in combinations. Huge head kick by dos Anjos drops Shalorus. He tries to flurry for the finish but lands to the back of the head, switches to looking for the choke and dos Anjos has it locked in after trapping the arm. Shalorus taps out. Great showing for dos Anjos. Rafael dos Anjos wins by submission (rear naked choke), 1:40 of round 1.

T.J. Grant vs. Carlo Prater - Round 1 - Grant with a leg kick early, one in return by Prater and another back from Grant. More leg kick trading. Nice two punch combo by Grant. Brief clinch and neither guy really does much with it. Grant looking for the takedown, can't quite get there but does keep the clinch against the cage. Prater pops a few jabs. Kind of an ugly fight so far, neither guy really taking the round over. Grant with two nice punches. Prater shoots, leaves his neck out there, eats a knee, they go to the ground and after a scramble it's Grant on top. Grant passes to side control as the round ends. 10-9 Grant.

Round 2 - Head kick attempt by Prater results in Grant pushing inside and grabbing a leg. Grant working knees and then a huge elbow on the way out of the clinch. Grant working back into grinding against the cage, looking to work inside and he's winning the fight there. Brief knee tap takedown, but Prater gets right up. Grant pushes him back into the cage, lands a few knees to the body. Now Prater has Grant's back to the cage and looks for the single leg but almost ends up in a choke, Grant with the takedown now. Grant passes to side control with seeming ease and gets a mounted crucifix and Prater gets his head between the legs also. Grant with punches behind the back to the head and some shots to the body. Prater reverses to end the round, but too late on that one. 10-9 Grant.

Round 3 - Grant with a leg kick, one in return by Prater. Big left hand by Grant looks to have buzzed Prater a bit. Two punch combo by Prater gets in. Nice one-two combo by Grant lands flush. Prater with a jab. Very good takedown by Grant and he has his neck caught in a guillotine of Prater, but doesn't look to be in much danger. Grant passes, then ends up looking to take the back, then looks for a banana split but ends up back in side control, now to full mount with 90 seconds left. Prater gives up his back and Grant is trying to get a choke in but Prater manages to get out and Grant takes a front headlock before spinnig to the back and landing some punches. Suplexes Prater back to the mat as he tries to stand. Grant takes the back again and almost has an armbar but Prater is saved by the final bell. 10-9 Grant for a clean sweep.

Official scorecards: 30-27 across the board. T.J. Grant wins by unanimous decision.

Marcus LeVesseur vs. Cody McKenzie - Round 1 - LeVesseur with a very quick, big takedown to side control. Upkick to the groin by McKenzie and we get a break just a few seconds into the fight. Back to standing with the restart. LeVesseur just misses a big shot and he's throwing bombs. Two VERY big uppercuts and McKenzie is hurt badly. LeVesseur following up on the ground before McKenzie stands up. LeVesseur is looking for a choke but gets pulled into the half guard. Back to pretty much full guard now. LeVesseur getting caught in a guillotine now, and finally has to tap out. Very obvious, slow set-up to the choke and LeVesseur just left his neck out. Cody McKenzie wins by submission (guillotine choke), 3:05 of round 1.

Brad Tavares vs. Dongi Yang - Round 1 - Tavares with an early body kick and he pops a few jabs out there that come up short. Yang lands a hard left hand counter and a leg kick. Good leg kick by Yang again. They're trading a lot but neither guy is really landing much by way of big shots. Yang got poked in the eye badly, seconds later, it's Tavares who gets poked in the eye. This is weird. Right hand gets in for Tavares when they restart. Yang with a hard left hand and Tavares gets a body lock and the round ends. I'd give Tavares a slight edge. 10-9 Tavares.

Round 2 - Weird moment in the corner, Tavares tells the doctor that his vision is blurry and he's seeing double, doc says he's going to stop the fight, Tavares changes his mind and says he can see, so the doctor lets it continue. ..anyway, right hand lands for Tavares early in the round. Yang lands a very hard kick that hurts Tavares but Brad keeps fighting. Big left hand by Yang lands flush. Tavares' eye is bothering him badly. Yang is flurrying hard now and landing. Tavares is squinting. Honestly, the fight should probably be stopped. He said he couldn't see and now he can barely keep his eye open. Yang with a body lock against the cage. Brief takedown, but Tavares is right back to standing. 10-9 Yang evens it up for me.

Round 3 - More corner weirdness as Tavares' corner acknowledges that he can't see so they want to keep the doctor away. Anyway, round starts and Tavares comes out looking for the takedown. He gets it, Yang gets up, Tavares gets the takedown again with Yang sitting up against the cage. They're restarted on the feet. Two low blows in a row by Tavares. Tavares just misses a head kick as action restarts after Yang recovers. Yang with a hard jab. Yang isn't doing very much here and kind of gave that round away in my eyes. 10-9 Tavares makes it 29-28 Tavares for me. No clue what to expect on the actual cards.

Official scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Brad Tavares wins by unanimous decision.

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