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Nick Diaz No-Shows Grappling Super-Fight Against Braulio Estima

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Nick Diaz no-showed yet another event. -- Photo by Esther Lin
Nick Diaz no-showed yet another event. -- Photo by Esther Lin

Nick Diaz is at it again.

When he didn't show up for Press Conferences in the past, Diaz got punished and even cost him a title shot against Georges St. Pierre. He says he just didn't enjoy attending "beauty pageants", but he would never ditch a fight anyway.

That's exactly what he did tonight though. Diaz had a grappling super-fight against Braulio Estima set, with his entire purse was supposed to be donated to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. It was supposed to be an excellent way to keep him active during his time off from licensing issues due to his Marijuana positive test. It was supposed to be a good way to keep his name in the press, and to help a good cause at the same time.

During the main event of the World Jiujitsu Expo, Braulio Estima was left alone on the mat, sitting on his knees, with Diaz no where to be found. Robert Drysdale offered to step in to face him, but Estima declined, saying "I came to fight Nick Diaz".

Not only did Diaz ditch a high-profile BJJ match, he ditched a charity he promised to support.

When Cesar Gracie was asked, he said he had no idea where his star pupil was or why he decided to no-show:

"I don't know," Cesar Gracie told "I know he was mad when he was told Braulio would not make weight last night," Gracie said. "No one has seen him today. Braulio ended up making weight this morning."

Estima wasn't happy about the outcome. After he was left on the mat without an opponent, the BJJ legend addressed the crowd and even challenged Diaz in an MMA bout.