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Scott Coker Claims Strikeforce Will Be On Showtime 'For Many Years To Come'

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Strikeforce held a conference call yesterday for their upcoming May 19th event, and CEO Scott Coker had a few things to say about his organization. After months of negotiations late last year, Zuffa/Forza was able to secure an eight-card, one year extension with Showtime. At that time it was decided that the heavyweight division would move over to the UFC at the conclusion of the heavyweight grand prix and one more "big heavyweight bout". Coker claims that it was a mutual decision to move the heavys over (transcribed by

"The heavyweight division, they all agreed that there wasn’t going to be enough athletes to support both [UFC and Strikeforce] and they wanted to bring some of the fights over there at that time," Coker shared during Thursday’s conference call. "But now that the Showtime relationship has been renewed and it’s been solid, I think you’re going to see those great fights on the lighter weights – starting with light heavyweight on down in Strikeforce."

And he believes that Strikeforce will be able to stay on Showtime for a lot longer than the rest of this year:

"We have a great relationship with Showtime, I think we have provided great fights with great ratings. I think you’ll continue to see Strikeforce on Showtime for many years to come."

I'm probably the biggest Strikeforce mark you're going to find and even I don't believe this. The ratings for their three cards in 2012 have not been good, and while I commend them for trimming down the roster, getting their website back up, and promoting the heck out of Ronda Rousey, it still seems clear that SF is dying. Either way, I'll enjoy them while they're around because they usually put on good cards, and the May 19th show (Josh Barnett vs. Daniel Cormier in the main event) looks like one of them.