A plea to the knowledgable, opinion on the striking(In MMA) of Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz is one of my favorite fighters, I love watching him fight, the chaotic, machine calculated dance in the octagon is a sight for my sore eyes. When i want to describe how i perceive his fighting style it makes me want to use silly, Community inspired adjectives like: "The thousand kickpunches of doom" or "The whirlwind punchkicker of butt-chin destruction", well, you get the drift (i said it was silly, OK?). Some of the combinations he pulls look so surreal I am starting to think sensei Seagal works with the bantamweight Champion as well.

OK, enough with the silly hyperbole. The reason for writing this fanpost is the big number of people with whom i share the passion for the sport and spectacle of MMA that don't share my admiration for the sheer awesomeness that is the fighting style of Dominick Cruz. (OK, I'll stop now).

Many detractors of Dominick's style are coming from a Boxing background and claim that his technique is flawed and ineffective. Since my striking knowledge is limited at best my counter to that is that Dominic is not a Boxer, he is an MMA fighter, so what works in boxing might not work in MMA if translated directly. To me, his head and feet movement are a thing of beauty, the way he attacks from angles and evades incoming attacks with his hands down, swaying and slipping like some sort of a zombie cobra reminds me of my younger days when me and my dad used to watch our favorite boxer, Naseem Hamed, although the zombie quality is uniquely attached to Dominick's movement.

To get back to my original point, if the striking of the current bantamweight champion is so flawed why hasn't anyone exploited those flaws yet, why does he still have the belt? My question is not intended to sound sarcastic, i am merely curious since i lack the knowledge of the striking game to conclude for myself whether Dominick is Mayhem-esque in his striking game or Spider like, so my plea for an answer to this question goes out to the gentleman connoisseurs of fisticuffs like Sir Jack Slack, Sir Fraser Coffeen, Sir Dallas Winston or any other Sir that can provide a non biased, scholar opinion on the striking technique in MMA of Dominick Cruz.

I apologize in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors since English is not my first language and i also apologize for any stupidity since intellect is not my strong suit.

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