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Invicta: Coenen Vs. Ruyssen Live Stream Blog And Play By Play

Marloes Coenen and Romy Ruyssen stare down at the weigh-ins for the inaugural Invicta FC event. Photo by Esther Lin for Invicta FC.
Marloes Coenen and Romy Ruyssen stare down at the weigh-ins for the inaugural Invicta FC event. Photo by Esther Lin for Invicta FC.

Tonight at 8 PM ET, the free live stream of Invicta FC in Kansas City, Kansas will go out across the interwebs for us to revel in a fantastic night of women's MMA.

The entire card is composed of women warriors and headlined by the exciting match-up between Marloes Coenen and Romy Ruyssen. Coenen defeated Ruyssen back in 2008 with a rear naked choke, but Romy has torn through her four opponents since - submitting them all within the first round. This is no mismatch and the matchmaking is of stellar quality throughout.

Join us through the night in the comments and refresh your pages for the official Bloody Elbow play by play by Ben Thapa. We do ask that the commenters here hold off on posting GIFs or large images so those who refresh can do so quickly in order to get up-to-the-second updates.

The commentating team will be composed of Mauro Ranallo, Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal and Julie "Fireball" Kedzie. King Mo and Kedzie are likely going to be delights to listen to throughout the night and Ranallo should be able to control the pace and fill in the spaces around them smoothly by using his years of experience.

Let's get this party started!

King Mo is wearing a suit! Sweet combination with a solid purple tie (and pocket square), white checked shirt and solid black suit. Much respect to him for that bit of style and professionalism. Kedzie is looking spiffy as well and Mauro Ranallo is being Mauro Ranallo.

Very swanky visual presentation throughout for Invicta. I heart whoever the sound technician is right now for keeping Mauro at a reasonable volume and upping Kedzie and Mo. Too bad they went to the post-fight interview only with Penne/Ellis and Coenen/Ruyssen as I think there was space in the show for hearing from a few more fighters tonight. Otherwise, a very well done show, if fast paced (despite lasting over four hours). Very solid night of fights and quite impressive for a national debut like this.

Marloes Coenen vs. Romy Ruyssen - Featherweight (145 lbs)

Ruyssen in the white halter top and white vale tudo shorts. Coenen in the black halter top and black shorts.

Round 1: No glove touch. Coenen fakes a takedown very quickly twice and Romy disengages each time. Still feeling each other out. Coenen protecting her right cheek strongly and lands a leg kick as Romy fires back. Coenen lands another leg kick and off-balances Romy who is trying to spin around and find Marloes elsewhere. Coenen stalking a bit and Romy circling only to step in. Romy drives Marloes into the cage and they clinch for a while. Coenen has an over hook and is shoving Romy's face back. ROmy adjusts and hides her face. Romy looking to press Marloes up on the cage. They trade ineffectual knees for a while before the break. The referee deducts a point for grabbing the cage and resets them on the break. Coenen catches a kick and fires an overhand right. Romy pulls guard with her back on the cage and they remain in an odd closed guard up against the cage. COenen drops down and starts elbowing Romy in the face. Romy is moving for an armbar, but Coenen keeps elbowing away. Romy still in position, although she moves an arm up to cover her face. Marloes trapping the arm across Romy's face and Romy is turning red, but gives the thumbs up to the referee. Romy shifting again for a sweep or armbar. Starts kneeing Coenen in the back. Marloes elbows the body of Romy with her right arm, while the left arm continues to trap the arm and head. Marloes looking for a submission, but the referee stands them up. Terrible stand-up. They break and Romy takes the initiative with some punches and a body kick/knee. Coenen pushes Romy up on the cage and they work through the overhooks/underhooks combinations with some toe stomps from Coenen. The round ends. 10-8, Coenen, due to the point deduction on Romy for the cage grabs.

Round 2: Marloes comes out a bit more and Romy tries to counter a teep with a one two, but eats a punch in return. Marloes still gluing her hand to her right cheek. Romy catches a teep and tries to floow it up with a kick takedown, but Marloes hops back and they shuffle around. Marloes looking to keep range in her control and Romy is backing up and moving in at odd times to seize control herself. Coenen comes in and pushes Romy up on the cage. Romy throws up a knee shield and works the overhook. Marloes fires a knee to the thigh and a knee to the other leg. Romy passive here and Marloes starting to work the knees more and more. A bigger knee from Marloes lands and she is continuing to land with the knees to the leg. Romy has a Thai plum, but does nothing with it. Marloes continuing to work knees and Romy pulls guard once more. Marloes keeps upright and pushes Romy against the cage. This has to be killing the legs of Romy. Marloes lands with two big elbows and Romy pushes her off. They stand once more. Romy lands with a superman one-two. Wow. Marloes clinches immediately and pushes Romy on the cage once more. THey work for position and Marloes fires more knees. Romy tries to turn the clinch, but Marloes is having none of it. Marloes continues to fire off knees and ton control the clinch well. Romy goes for a quick guillotine, but Coenen backs out. Marloes lands a nice, unexpected elbow and Romy clinches tighter. Marloes is spun around, but counters with another spin. Another knee lands for Marloes and she appears to be grinding Romy down quite well. Some more knee-based offense from Marloes and she works within the clinch as the round ends. 10-9, Coenen.

Round 3: They open with some heat and both trade strikes to the body. Coenen looking to win the footwork battle. She lands a nice punch as Romy looks for the counter without success. Marloes evades a few slow kick attempts. Romy dodges a kick and circles to the right. Romy dashes in and pins Marloes on the fence. Romy has an underhook and overhook, but is spun around. Marloes fires more knees off and is punishing Romy from the Thai plum quite well. Romy digs a body punch, but eats an elbow on the now open side. ROmy is up on her tip toes and using the knee shield, but Marloes is finding ways to land more and more knees. Romy has double overhooks, but Marloes frees herself and delivers more knees as a payback for that. Marloes just grinding away on the cage here and Romy pulls guard and goes for a standing neck crank a la Alvarez/Kikuno. Coenen stays calm and upright. Romy cinches closed guard and tries to transition it to a guillotine. Marloes fights it off and we are back to the clinch. Romy is firing body punches with vigor, but Marloes does not flinch. They work a little bit, but are broken by the referee. Romy engages slowly and Marloes looks more aggressive, landing a teep that shoves Romy back on the cage. And they're back to the linch with Marloes winning the battle after a few seconds. Romy working body digs and the knee shield. Marloes lands a nice short elbow and they both spin around. Marloes tries to work a single leg and gets the kick takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Coenen. Bloody Elbow scores it 30-26 for Marloes Coenen.

It appears that Coenen is complaining about a dislocated finger on her left hand. The ringside doctor is treating it and Romy is being taken care of by her own corners. Coenen's finger is reset right there in the ring and Stitch Duran pats her dry. The commentary team continues talking about Coenen and the next Invicta, which is scheduled for July 28. This bout was kinda Couture/Vera-like in Coenen using the wall as her ally for the clinch strikes, although way more entertaining than that famous crowd stimulator. Official decision coming up.

Unanimous decision, 30-26 x 3 for Marloes Coenen.

Coenen calls out Ronda Rousey at the end of her gracious speech and thank yous. "And... Ronda, I'm coming for you." Awww, sweet.

Jessica Penne vs. Lisa Ellis - Atomweight (105 lbs)

Penne in black halter top and grey vale tudo shorts. Ellis in a blue/black tie-dyeish halter and black vale tudo shorts. Purple mouthguard too, although I liked Carmouche's rainbow one better.

Round 1: They square off quickly and shuffle around a bit establishing range. Jessica fires a few punches and backs off. Ellis lands a nice left jab as Penne steps in. Ellis trying to lure Penne in. Penne lands a couple, but takes a few for her troubles. Ellis putting together a nice punch/kick combination. Penne being more aggressive here, but leaving herself open to some counters from Ellis. Ellis tries a mean teep and Penne closes distance only to be dumped on the ground by leg trip. Penne has an active guard, but Ellis fends it off and tries a half-guard guillotine of sorts. Penne reverses and begins to apply pressure. Penne trying to keep head control and slowly grind the pep out of Ellis. Cannot free her leg, so she starts working a couple body punches to show activity. Penne starting to posture up to free the leg and works a few more body punches as she slumps back down. Still on top of half guard with Ellis clinching mightily to prevent a guard pass or posturing up. Penne not freeing the right arm at all and looking to use her free leg to shove the legs encumbering her trapped limb away. Ellis uses that to shift to closed guard and tries an armbar. Penne defends and stands. Penne tries to catch a kick and dump Ellis, but doesn't happen. Ellis gets the better of an exchange and Penne goes for a bodylock only to be dumped by Ellis. Penne somehow uses her ridiculous flexibility to get into a crucifix position from bottom of side control. That is some ridiculous flexibility. 10-10.

Round 2: The right eye of Ellis is very swollen, but she can see out of it. Penne and Ellis open cautiously. Penne opens with a low inside leg kick. Ellis takes another low leg kick and fires a body kic of her own. Penne charges in with three straights and lands with one. Ellis fends off another combination with a good counter jab of her own. Penne lands a nice lunging left jab. Ellis lands a nice set of punches and Penne gets the body lock. Ellis nearly trips Penne, but Penne keeps her base and shoves Ellis down. Penne looking to move into s-mount, but Ellis keeps her at bay in a quasi-half guard. Penne now shifts to the other side of Ellis to half guard on that side. Starting to grind Ellis down again from the top of half guard. Penne trying to free her trapped leg while Ellis clinches and fires away a few ineffectual punches of her own. Penne back on full guard of Ellis and looking to posture up. Ellis keeping head control and throwing elbows at the top of Penne's head. Penne driving forwards on one knee, but keeps her balance as she tries to hurt Ellis. Ellis stands and trips Penne from a clinch. Penne tries to reverse it, but Ellis stays on top and tries to start hurting Penne, but has to defend a leglock. Penne working more leglocks with wrist control and Eillis spins away and out, then back in. She lands with an elbow and Penne puts her back in closed guard. Penne working a ridiculously high guard into a triangle attempt into an omoplata. Ellis defends nicely and Penne transitions to an inverted guard. For some reason she lets go and lets Ellis pound her in the face once before regaining closed guard. Penne into an armbar attempt and Ellis slams Penne on her face to get out of it. Penne scrambles, but Ellis is into top of half guard and looking to pass. Penne reverses into top and the round ends. 10-9 Ellis, despite the insane flexibility of Penne, she wasn't able to do much on the ground to hurt or threaten Ellis.

Round 3: Ellis charges in and nearly eats a jab. Ellis again lunches in and Penne lands. Penne lands again. Ellis lunging wildly and Penne defends. Penne snapping straights and landing solidly on Ellis. An exchange sees Ellis take the worse of things and they break for some shuffling and resetting. Penne looking fresher and clinches after a lead right overhand. Ellis backs off after a punch and stands against the fence. She tries an leg trip and it fails, but she gets a nice spinning throw and lands Penne on her back and into side control. Penne using her flexibility to keep Ellis at bay. Ellis is bleeding badly from the nose - perhaps she landed badly or had an elbow thump into her at a bad time. Penne scrambles around and gets guard, then an armbar attempt that looks plausible. Now Ellis drops back to defend and Penne uses that to get in top side control. Now mount for Penne and she's staying tight. Ellis gives up s-mount and rear mount. Penne staying very tight and punching away at Ellis! The fight is stopped quickly by the referee as Ellis was not defending herself well at all and is now a bloody mess. Jessica Penne, KO, mid-Round 2.

Youch, this is a bloody one. Ellis looks to have two small cuts on the bridge of her nose and is gushing from the nostrils. It appears as if one punch broke her nose or jarred something loose inside just before she backed off and stood against the fence.

Wait.... why are we just now getting post-fight interviews with the victors? Kedzie is talking to Penne here and pushing the WMMA is Awesome angle. It is, but this is a strange moment and it is odd that I hadn't noticed the absence of post-fight interviews until now.

Mauro talking with Miesha Tate about the card, her injuries (she "tore basically everything" in her elbow) and the desire to get back in the ring soon because the arm is healing up well. Shayna Baszler and Sara McMann will headline the next Invicta and Kedzie is displaying the hype she feels as hard as she possibly can. That was oddly endearing. As is this European accent-filled lead in video for the main event.

Liz Carmouche vs. Ashleigh Curry - Bantamweight (135 lbs)

So both Young and Smith will get their win bonuses, as per the Twitter account of Shannon Knapp (Invicta FC boss). Solid way to reward gutsy and skilled performances. I will go as far as to call that a bout that will make my shortlist for Fight of the Year when it comes time.

Round 1: Carmouche in a black halter top and black/red shorts. Curry in black rashguard with white shorts. Carmouche comes out aggressive, but eats a few light jabs from Curry. Spinning backfist lands for Carmouche and she transitions into a very quick double leg/scoop takedown. Right into mount, but Curry has a headlock on. Carmouche punching the body again and again and again as Curry holds on to the head (with the arm in the guillotine attempt). Carmouch moves to side control on the opposite side and curry is still holding on for dear life. Carmouch moves back into mount and looks to punch away. Curry tries to cover up and wall walk somewhere productive, but Carmouche rides it out. Carmouche doing damage and shoving Curry's hands out of the way. Carmouche pins down an arm with her knee and lands some heavy punches on Curry. Curry covering up and doing nothing. The referee steps in and stops the bout wisely. Liz Carmouche takes an incredibly dominant victory over Ashleigh Curry. Liz Carmouche, KO, Round 1.

Long intermission now finally allows some time to catch a bathroom/snack break. This has been a breakneck pace for quite a while and these fights are awesome. However, the intermission is beginning to stretch a bit too long...

Kaitlin Young vs. Leslie Smith - Bantamweight (135 lbs)

Round 1: Young in black halter and white shorts. Smith with an all black rashguard and vale tudo shorts combination. They touch gloves as the round starts. Engaging at close range and firing punches and leg kicks. Smith firing more punches and Young looking to punch, retreat and re-engage. Smith just a whirling blur of fury right now and gets a nice leg catch/leg kick takedown into top guard. Young working a high guard and has broken the posture of Smith. Good head and arm control from Young. Smith trying to work a few body punches and Young keeping tight. Young is working a very high guard/body triangle, but Smith is keeping calm. Back to regualar closed gaurd and Smith nearly passes to side control. Young stands and firs a knee to the boy from the clinch. Smith is backing up and Young being aggressive. Young landing some serious punches here and Smith is missing nearly everything. Body shots by Smith land and Young clinches up. Oh, a nasty elbow lands from the clinch for Young and Smith uses it to escape the clinch and circle out. This is non-stop action and both fighters are landing, but Young is getting the better and landing combinations of punches and leg kicks. A teep from Smith fails to back off Young. A savage leg kick lands for Young and the two exchange some good shots. Young getting the better and the better of almost every exchange here. Smith being aggressive and coming forwards, but Young is keeping range nicely. Oh a flurry from Smith lands a few on the face of Young. Young eats more punches from Smith after the reset. Young lands another savage leg kick and a one-two combination to Smith's face. Both fighters are defending little, if at all. young lands a few more punches from range and Smith looks to stalk forwards, while eating punches. Smith tries a few lazy leg kicks, but Young engages and Smith drives Young back with some nasty strikes. Young again with the elbows and punches and Smith is firing back, but losing. A flurry to end leaves Smith landing a few, but taking another heavy punch in return. 10-9 Young for the better offense. Torrid pace though and this could be going either way in the next round.

Round 2: Smith comes out aggressive and Young looks to circle away while firing jabs. Smith tries a left body kick, which lands, but Young isn't engaging much. Smith flurries away and lands a few, but young takes her time. Smith flurrying again with a kic and punches combo. young firing off one or two here and there. Young gets the clinch and lands an elbow as they break. Smith is not blocking or evading any punches coming in from the left, as Young circles to the left mostly. Smith still chasing and Young still landing the lefts. Smith tries a leg kick and flurry, but Young left jabs her way out of it and continues circling away. Smith starting to block the left, nope, she stopped doing that. Young landing that left at will, although taking some slapping kicks or punches in return. Young stops a charge by Smith with a right overhand. Smith again coming forwards and lands a couple nice body rights in a quasi-clinch. Young backing off and landing the left again. A head kick fails for Smith and Young tries a counter right on a Smith jab. young takes a leg kick to wait a beat and land the left jab. Smith cracks Young after a few missed strikes from either fighter with a left hook. Young now circling left and lunging to land the left jab with success. Smith still relentlessly coming forwards and eating the punches. Tries a flurry of punches and a kick to little effect. Young lands with an overhand right and is landing more during these quite frequent engagements. Smith eats a left for trying a left body kick. Young lands a nice leg kick, while evading the strikes of Smith. Smith tries a crane kick twice to little effect as the round ends. 10-9 Young easy. She figured out that the left ain't gonna stop working and rode it all round long.

Round 3: Smith runs out and claims the center of the cage. Young shoves her back and they re-engage. Young lands a few isolated strikes as Smith continues being aggressive. Smith starting to hesitate here and there. The left leg of Smith is showing visible redness and she is stepping oddly. Smith is throwing everything she has and actually stuns Young! They clinch after Young goes to her knees and grabs Smith to save herself. Smith cannot shove Young off and is against the fence. Young tries a sacrifice takedown, but it fails and Smith is on top in guard. Young is hanging onto closed guard like a madwoman and Smith is trying to punch away. Young snaps on an armbar and Smith somehow rides it out. A triangle is momentarily threatened, but Smith slips it and goes into an armbar attempt of her own! Young is defending, but it do3s not look good for her. THe armbar attempt fails! Smith is on the bottom facing a standing Young and gets up herself. Smith tries a jab and overhand right, but it doesn't work. Young is bleeding and firing away in the exchanges. Smith tries a few kicks and they land lightly on the legs and blocking hands of Young. Smith lands a nice one two on the chin of Young. A few leg kicks are exchanged and they take a bit of a breather. Smith trying all kinds of strikes here and landing one out of every two or three while taking some serious shots in return. Young gets back to the snapping lefts, but Smith bulls through and keeps charging forwards to put Young off her game. Smith lands an inside leg kick and tries to pick her way through the defense of Young. A leg kick staggers Smith, but she guts through and comes forwards again. Young landing lefts again and clinches up. Smith is having none of it and backs off and flurries again and Young goes along with it! This is bonkers, just completely bonkers. 10-9 Smith, although this was a close round.

Wow, a very close, absolutely brawleriffic 29-28 decision for Kaitlin Young as Bloody Elbow scores it. The official decision is coming up. This is going to be very, very tough to beat as the Fight of the Night. Both women were throwing combinations, displayed great endurance and had back and forth moments.

Split decision draw! One judge decided for Young, another for Smith and the third scored it a 29-29 draw!

Sarah D'Alelio vs. Vanessa Mariscal - Bantamweight (135 lbs)

Round 1: Mariscal wearing black with brown trim up top. D'Alelio wearing all black with her midriff bare. Mariscal circling outside and eats a left jab from D'Alelio. Sarah fires away and gets a nice body lock and takedown. Punishing Mariscal with short elbows from top of half guard. Mariscal looking to clinch tightly put almost pulls side control before regaining half-guard. D'Alelio takes the back and flattens out Mariscal. Mariscal tries to stand, but is smushed back down and D'Alelio hunting a choke as Mariscal turns over. D'Alelio in a dominant back control and firing punches off to the face of Mariscal. Another stand-up attempt gets up, but D'Alelio flattens her back out and continues to fire off punches. Mariscal covering up, but still struggling. D'Alelio spinning Mariscal around and gets the seatbelt. A few punches backwards from Mariscal cause D'Alelio to hide her face here and there while keeping the seatbelt. They spin around again and D'Alelio still has the back and is firing off more punches. Mariscal is covering up and nearly gives up the RNC before going back to the ground. Seatbelt control again and Mariscal has control of the top hand with both hands. D'Alelio almost crosses her feet and Mariscal is trying to bridge up and get turned around. D'Alelio is not letting that happen and is continually distracting Mariscal with hand movement and grips. D'Alelio firing light punches through the guard and takes some nasty backwards elbows from Mariscal for having her head too far out. D'Alelio gets back under cover and punches back. Mariscal is covering up and looks tired. D'Alelio goes for the overhand grasp, but Mariscal controls that hand well and refuses to give up the RNC. More backwards punches are landing for Mariscal and D'Alelio tries a last ditch RNC as the round ends. 10-9, D'Alelio, almost a 10-8 there.

Round 2: Mariscal comes out very aggressive and D'Alelio having trouble with it. A few good strikes land for Mariscal, but D'Alelio clinches up for a bit. They break apart and Mariscal is just coming forwards, not caring about taking punches of her own and landing on D'Alelio. Mariscal still comign frowards and D'Alelio looks tired. Mariscal is not putting up any defense whatsoever and firing away, and she pays for it as D'Alelio gets a takedown. Mariscal is in deep half guard and looking for something. D'Alelio postures out of it and looks to elbow the thigh and free the trapped leg. Mariscal is not playing that way and actually gives up mount as she tries to roll the wrong way. D'Alelio punches away from mount and s-mount as Mariscal covers up. D'Alelio doing some serious damage and Mariscal is covered up and nearly motionless. D'Alelio trying to push away the hands of Mariscal and Mariscal gives up the even worse rear mount as D'Alelio flattens her out. They shift back to mount as D'Alelio fires away. Mariscal taps to strikes as D'Alelio fires away more serious punches from mount. Sarah D'Alelio, submission to strikes, late Round 2.

Sally Krumdiack vs. Sarah Schneider - Strawweight (115 lbs)

Mo coming through tonight in sporadic, but potent bursts of knowledge. Kedzie is much more comfortable too. Mauro still has a firm hand on the talking wheel and is starting to give and take more often with his partners. I rather like Kedzie's laugh, but she might be overusing it a bit instead of delivering her own thoughts.

Round 1: Krumdiack in black and white (will be nicknamed "Krum" here on, like the Harry Potter character, although she looks more like a classmate of Fleur) and Schneider in the pink and black. Schneider circling as Krum steps forwards. Nothing yet, but Krum being the more aggressive. Krum tries a rangefinder jab and lands with a jab, but takes a jab from Schneider. Another left lands for Schneider, but Krum drives her into the cage and into the clinch. Schneider tries an inside leg trip, but Krum displays great balance in defending one and two attempts of that. Krum fires a few knees and Schneider goes to the knee shield defense. Krum lands an elbow and a punch from close clinch. Schneider tries to drive off the cage, but Krum puts her back. Schneider turns it around and drops for a scoop takedown, but Krum defends and spins the clinch around again. Schneider back to the knee shield and pulls guard on Krum. Krum's posture is broken and she is driving forwards, but leaving her arms out. Schneider works an armbar and triangle combination that is awesome and on rather tight. Krum is toughing it out despite several roll throughs. The arm is extended and Krum is bleeding badly. The arm is extended almost to the breaking point! And the referee steps in to stop the bout. Schneider runs around jubilantly. Sarah Schneider, armbar/triangle (mostly armbar), 2:01 of Round 1.

That was the best round of the night in terms of excitement. Pulling guard to win as Schneider did is such a sweet gamble. Krumdiack has heart for sure, though. The cage crew is sterilizing and cleaning the now bloody cage as the commentators riff on things.

Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc vs. Amy Davis - Atomweight (105 lbs)

Surprised that two judges gave Gutierrez a round in the last fight. The commentators seem to be enjoying things, although some excess hyperbole is flying around. Now for the atomweights again!

Round 1: Nicdali in the neon green and Davis in the black. Nicdali comes out and after taking a couple jabs, clinches Davis up against the fence. Davis has an overhook and is fending off a single leg with chest pressure. Nicdali gets the single leg! Davis is working to scoot back out and fend Nicdali off with her knees. Nicdali under threat from a triangle! Davis is pulling the head down and shoulder walking back. The triangle is deep and Nicdali is not working free! Nicdali falls to her side and is looking to outlast the triangle. Davis is stacked up, but clinging onto the triangle and pulling the head down. Nicdali still in there and driving forwards to relieve pressure. Davis is continuing to hold the triangle and re cinch the legs. Davis trying to get off to the side to create more pressure, but loses it! Nicdali backs out and Davis stands up. Nicdali shoots back in and clinches up. Davis is splayed against the wall and defending with a few knees to the body. Calanoc still being persistent and spins around trying to get a spinning elbow, but does a full 360 and works towards a double leg. Nicdali has the clinch around the hips, but could not get her own hips under. Nicdali resets to a single leg and gets Davis down. Calanoc looking to pinch the butterfly guard together and slide over into the mount. Davis firing elbows at the back of the shoulder of Nicdali. Nicdali postures up and starts punching, but Davis keeps a strong head control and breaks the posture. Nicdali back to her feet over a downed Davis. Davis trying to scramble back up and Nicdali using a whizzer to keep her down. Davis back to the feet and lands a few left jabs, while taking some bigger punches in return. Nicdali still firing away, but takes a few more left straights to the face. 10-9, Davis for the triangle and the better striking, despite the takedowns.

Round 2: Davis lands a leg kick and Nicdali moves in to the clinch, but Davis frees herself and lands a teep and an inside leg kick. Nicdali looking to move in, but is pushed off by the kicks of Davis. Davis missing with some kicks as Nicdali feints level changes. Nicdali fires a few punches away, but all miss and takes a punch that snaps her head back and stops the flurry. Davis turns a clinch around and fires off a knee to the body. Nicdali turns it around again and looks to get another takedown. Davis working the overhook and wrist control tactics as Nicdali fires a knee to the thigh of Davis. A few knees to the body land for Davis and they break. Davis lands with a punch as Nicdali moves back in. They're spinning in the clinch and Davis is threatening a trip, but Nicdali stays upright and pushes Davis back into the cage. A few knees land for Davis and Nicdali is getting nothing going here besides pressure against the cage. Davis defending an ankle pick, but is droppe down. Somehow Nicdali flips upside down and is taken down herself. Davis looking for a crucifix, but Nicdali gets to side control. Davis landing elbows to the ribs and Nicdali drives forwards into a single leg, but has Davis collapsed on top of her. Davis has an inverted triangle and is shoving Nicdali around. Davis works a kimura - for the finish! Davis's power was too much for Calanoc on the ground and we get a rather sweet inverted triangle/kimura combination. Amy Davis, kimura, Round 2.

Sarah Maloy vs. Michele Gutierrez - Flyweight (125 lbs)

Ok, I'm deaf, but I could still tell that was Lenny Kravitz's American Woman playing for Maloy there. Non-subtle and kind of overplayed, but works for me here.

Round 1: Maloy in hot pink and Gutierrez in black with blue trim. Maloy comes out firing with a superman punch. Gutierrez circles out easily and keeps circling to keep the aggressive Maloy away. A leg kick lands for Maloy, but Gutierrez still circling and looks comfortable. Maloy at the center of the cage. A hopping right hand lands for Maloy, but Gutierrez looks unaffected. A quick counter left lands for Gutierrez. Maloy misses with a reaching one two combo. Gutierrez looking to evade all strikes, but takes a light leg kick at extreme distance. Maloy frustrated a bit right now, but continuing to attack. Gutierrez tries a leg kick at extreme range, but misses. Gutierrez still circling regularly and resetting after each attack by Maloy. Maloy staying patient and is continuing to attack. Gutierrez is still circling. A teep to the belly lands for Maloy. Nothing from Gutierrez. A head kick by Maloy is barely defended by Gutierrez. Maloy still attacking, but missing and Gutierrez is circling again. A little bit of offense misses from Gutierrez. Maloy being backed off and is briefly dropped by a teep to the stomach from Gutierrez. Nothing comes of it and they reset. Gutierrez looking more aggressive now and Maloy is starting to face more resistance in her offense. Nothing significant landng for either. Gutierrez circcling once more. Maloy lands a slap kick to the body. Gutierrez evading more punches and teeps, but not firing anything back. A head kick by Maloy is defended and she evades a leg kick from Gutierrez. Rangefinding jab feints from Gutierrez. Maloy barely connects with a teep to the face at extreme range. Nice idea, but Gutierrez continues to circle and look unaffected. 10-9 Maloy for actually mounting offense and being smart with her strikes within range.

Kedzie breaking things down during the break.

Round 3: Maloy comes out firing, but doesn't land anything. Gutierrez still dancing at the edge of range. Maloy trying some high teeps as lead-off strikes. Gutierrez misses some winging overhands and Maloy looking to work the straights. Gutierrez looking to try out some left jabs, but not landing anything. Maloy tries an overhand, but it is defended. A wild flurry has Gutierrez landing some back-off jabs and Maloy is frustrated. She continues to stalk forwards and try strikes. Gutierrez misses again and Maloy misses too. Maloy lands a right jab after trying a back right leg teep. Gutierrez lands a body jab. A head kick misses for Maloy. Another body jab attempt by Gutierrez is met with a body kick by Maloy. Gutierrez lands a left hook counter to maloy's straight line dash. Gutierrez circling to the left. Maloy tries for a single leg to no avail at all. Gutierrez barely had to circle to defend it and continue sto fire off light strikes from extreme range that don't land. A mutual jab misses for both. A high teep is defended. Gutierrez coming forwards now and fakes a right hand. Maloy tries a body jab and a teep, but they miss. Gutierrez fouls a right straight and backs off. A leg strike lands for both. Gutierrez fakes a takedown and backs out as Maloy fires a knee into the air. Gutierrez fires two jab feints and briefly catches the leg after a teep by Maloy. Both swinging and missing. Again, the jab feints are not landing for Gutierrez. A superman punch misses for Maloy. Gutierrez coming forwards and evading the punches, while landing a couple light ones at the edge of range. Maloy lands a leg kick. 10-9 Maloy for landing a few. Gutierrez controlled the pace, but did not land much at all. 30-27 for Maloy as Bloody Elbow scores it.

Mauro makes a Machida reference...

Round 2: Gutierrez lands a teep and a flurry of light punches after Maloy tries a teep. Maloy stalking forwards and firing punches, but takes a few to the face before Gutierrez speeds away in the circling. Gutierrez moving constantly to Maloy's left (her own right) and defends a leg kick before missing with one of her own. Gutierrez running away from the strikes of Maloy and misses a wide left counter hook. Maloy lands a leg kick from range and Gutierrez circles to reset. More missed teeps from laoy. Gutierrez lands a left hook as Maloy jumps in. Maloy tries a teep and may not have connected, but Gutierrez's counterteep doesn't either. Gutierrez has some nice looking strikes, but all miss. Maloy still chasing her around and misses with another attack. A nice teep to the stomach lands after Gutierrez spins subsequent ot missing a leg kick. Maloy hunting the right hand and teeps, but Gutierrez is evading them. Maloy drops Gutierrez, but gets tossed down herself! Gutierrez lands some nice ground and pound and Maloy defends shakily. Gutierrez backs out and returns to the stand-up - which she was losing? Odd decision, but they reset with Maloy looking shaken. Gutierrez trying some strikes, but landing nothing. Maloy stalking forwards. A left lands for Gutierrez and Maloy clinches - and pulls guard! Gutierrez postures up in guard and Maloy tries to work a high guard. Gutierrez backs out and Maloy has enough time to adjust her shorts before they square off again. Gutierrez just walking away. 10-9 Maloy, again for actually landing, although this was close.

Randi Miller vs. Mollie Estes - Featherweight (145 lbs)

Signs of life from Mo as he talks about Miller's wrestling, but he again fades out all too soon as Mauro dominates the airwaves. Randi Miller wearing some hot pink calf-length tights instead of fight shorts.

Round 1: The bell sounds us in and they're off! Miller comes out very assertively and immediately clinches. Estes defends well and is pushing the head away while overhooking an arm. Miller looking to switch sides back and forth and find something, but takes a few knees. Estes lands a nice punch, but Miller fights through only to take another knee. Estes still being pushed back against the cage and has an overhook on the other arm, while looking to control the head with the free hand. Miller not getting anythign done and is backed against the cage herself. Estes looking much more aggressive here and firing off short punches and forearms. A few knees land and Miller is having trouble defending them. More knees! Just a steady flow of knees to the face of Miller from Estes. Miller snaps back to herself and turns Estes to the cage again. Miller trying to punch Estes in the face, but not really landing well. Estes continues to clinch well and fire off knees. Miller now shifts to a double leg, but Estes wall-walks out of it and pushes Miller off to land a few more punches. Miller hops and lands a few right hands! Estes fires off a few more knees to the body and Miller clinches again. Another brace of knees to the head for Estes. Miller looks a bit dazed, but fires a couple slow knees of her own. Estes's are much quicker and seem to land with greater authority though. Estes keeping the clinch in the double overhooks and fires off more knees! Miller looks overwhelmed and much smaller here. More knees to the body from Estes. Estes's left eye is bleeding slightly. Miller taking more knees and unclinches to fire off a couple punches that land lightly. More knees are forthcoming from Estes. Miller tries to disengage briefly to punch some more, but Estes fends her off and re-clinches. 10-9 Estes for that barrage of knees throughout the round.

King Mo agrees with me and pipes up with his longest string of words tonight. Julie chimes in with a good questioning of Miller's pre-fight hype.

Round 2: They come out slow and Miller again stalks forwards and looks to drive forwards and land punches. Estes fends her off and lands a few knees of her own. They separate and Estes looks to keep distance as Miller drives in behind an oustretched fist and fires a few punches away at the unprotected head of the Olympian. Miller looking to clinch and drives Estes back and forth across the cage until they settle near a cage angle. Estes still winning the clinch handily and is now working a front headlock to a standing back take attempt. Miller with her back to the cage and taking knees. Miller gets off the cage, takes more knees and drives Estes back on the cage. Miller drops low for a single on the wrong leg and Estes steps over to a back take and a possible reverse triangle or armbar attempt. Miller gable grips her hands, but unclasps to fire a couple of punches before re-clasping. Estes still working the armbar and Miller continuing to stack up Estes and punch the heck out of her unprotected head. Miller landing some big ground and pound from guard and now compresses Estes from half guard. Miller working from the top half guard to land some big punches on Estes. Estes gives up the back and goes to one knee. Miller working a rear naked choke with no hooks and loses it! Estes back to the feet. Miller landing some big, sloppy punches as Estes looks overwhelmed. Estes looking to regain her composure in the clinch and MIller drops for a single on the wrong leg again. Estes drops down to a crucifix position on the turtled up Miller. Randi works her way back to her feet, but is bent over trying to get at the legs of Estes. Estes firing off punches and back to the knees we go! Miller looks tired and Estes has regained her compsure. More knees to a visibly slowed Miller. Miller gets the leg trip takedown and right into mount! Some nasty hammerfists from Miller on Estes and there is a kimura attempt that is quickly shaken off by Miller. Some more nasty punches land before the round ends. 10-10, as Miller hurt Estes for a bit, but lost all the other parts of the round.

Round 3: They start off with Estes teeping to keep distance. Miller backs off and they walk around a bit. Miller drives forwards after some hesitant offense. Estes looks to keep distance and fire off a few jabs. Some really bad leg kicks from each barely land. Miller drives forwards again and clinches up against the cage. Estes has an overhook on the left arm, but switches arms as Randi switches direction. Estes back to the knees and frees herself from Miller. Randi still coming forwards and trying to land overhands and drive forwards. Once more on the cage wall with Estes getting double overhooks. Randi gets an underhook and still forgets about the knees that Estes fires right into her face. Miller switches direction and has Estes slowly defending against the wall. Estes lands with another knee to the face and another short elbow too. Miller works a single leg to get Estes onto her knees. Estes is driven back onto the mat and Miller has top half guard after threatening to take mount. Miller looking to free her leg and land some nice elbows from the half guard. Estes not defending the elbows well and MIller is hammerfisting away! Estes is not defending! The referee stops the fight at roughly the 3:30 mark of Round 3! Randi Miller, KO, ~3:30 of Round 3.

The commentating team seems to be warming up a bit more as Kedzie and Lawal are getting more assertive. Mauro still should get some notoriety for that hilarious/awful Bagherdai pun earlier.

Ashley Cummins vs. Sofia Bagherdai - Strawweight (115 lbs)

Cris Cyborg looks to be in Bagherdai's corner. Thus far in the night, Mo has been pretty quiet and Julie and Mauro have talked much more.

Round 1: The bell rings and the women stalk out. Bagherdai throwing out quick jab feints to establish range. Cummins tosses out one of her own and lands. Bagherdai fends her off and then lands a leg kick as Cummins dives for a takdown. Bagherdai defends by working a guillotine and Cummins dumps her down on the mat. Cummins is in half-guard and is punching Bagherdai in the side. Bagherdai is constantly re-adjusting her guillotine, but loses it. Cummins is briefly put back into guard and works to half again, while working the body punches. Bagherdai remains in control of the head and looks to shoulder walk back to the cage. Cummins stands and avoids the upkicks of Bagherdai. Bagherdai gets back to the feet and Cummins dives right back in for the takedown. Bagherdai is wall-walking and working a guillotine. Cummins has the single leg and ignores the guillotine as Bagherdai abandons it. Off a repositioning, Bagherdai escapes the clinch and backs out into space after bopping Cummins a few times. Cummins connects with a few straights, but is overwhelmed a bit by Bagherdai's flurries of punches and the one knee loosely connects. Cummins drivers her back into the cage and goes for an over/under clinch. They spin briefly and Bagherdai is much more active within the clinch, but not landing anything truly significant. Cummins goes for another single leg and Bagherdai defends well. Cummins not getting anywhere and Bagherdai works free. They both miss with wild punches and reset in space. Bagherdai lands with the right overhand. Cummins dieves in for another takedown, but Bagherdai again clinches up against the cage and lifts on leg to defend in a standing knee shield. Cummins tosses Bagherdai down, but almost has her back taken. Cummins defends and bops Bagherdai some. Sofia transitions to an armbar and Cummins postures to defend. They close out the round with Bagherdai on the mats looking up at a backed off Cummins. 10-9, Bagherdai for the more significant offense.

Round 2: The fighters circle to start and miss on a few strikes before a mutual exchange of a leg kick and punch connect. Bagherdai tries a spinning elbow, but doesn't land hard. Cummins drives forwards and lands a couple shots. Bagherdai lands a nice hopping right straight. Cummins takes a leg kick from Bagherdai. Sofia is trying some flashy techniques here, with a head kick missing. A few punches are exchanged and Cummins looks to be trying to land a few straights and drive in for the takedown. She does and Bagherdai defends in the clinch against the cage. Cummins not getting anywhere significant off the clinch and Bagherdai is defending well and occasionally punching Cummins in the side of the head from the farside arm. Bagherdai hops to fend off the single leg, but collapses to the mat. Cummins stands over Bagherdai and looks to punch away. Sofia clinches and brings Ashley down to the mats to control the head and free arm. Cummins is trying to figure out how to pass the half guard and maintain top pressure at the same time. Bagherdai works a high half guard and continues to control the arm of Cummins. Cummins passes to side control with some authority and looks to punch Sofia in the head. Bagherdai tries to walk her feet up the cage to push off, but Cummins keeps the pressure tight. Cummins goes for a crucifix and gets shoved off while punching. Bagherdai works a leglock, but Cummins backs out. Bagherdai is on her back and lashing out with upkicks, but Cummins is avoiding them or defending. Bagherdai back to the feet and Cummins back in for a takedown. Bagherdai defends, but is dumped down off a single leg. Cummins is pressuring constantly and throwing out small punches to the body as well, as Sofia clinches up and throws a few back. 10-9 Cummins for the aggressiveness, guard pass and takedowns.

Round 3: They touch gloves and back off. Bagherdai looking to land with an overhand right after a left jab. Cummins avoids and looks to land a lef counter as Bagherdai comes in. Cummins ducks an overhand right and lands a few straights. Cummins lands a nice left straight to Sofia's face and gets a leg kick away with no repercussions. Cummins stalking forwads and pressuring Bagherdai, who throws a leg kick that is caught. Bagherdai spins away and Cummins resets. Again, the straights are landing better, but Bagherdai is landing once in a while too. Cummins with a nice leg kick. They re-establish range and Bagherdai is now hunting a left hook, but nothing lands. Cummins fends off a Bagherdai flurry with a left straight. Cummins works a flurry of her own into a nice double leg, but again cannot finish off the shot. Bagherdai is once more against he cage and defending by working head control and a knee shield. Cummins fires off a knee, but seems to be pressuring mostly. Bagherdai looks to get free, but gets spun down to the mats and on her back. Cummins tries to push past the active legs, but has to back out. They stand once more and Cummins looks comfortable. Bagherdai tries a spinning backfist, but it is defended well. Cummins still headhunting with those precise straights and Bagherdai looks tired. Cummins lands a couple more punches while evading most of the winging punches from Bagherdai. Cummins defends a couple straights and lands a counter of her own. Cummins still stalking and tries a flurry, but nothing lands. Bagherdai is content to let Cummins go and takes a punch before landing a spinning backfist. The two fighters flurry as the fight ends in a clinch and at close range. A superman punch misses for Bagherdai and Cummins looks far fresher and I give her the round too. 10-9 Cummins, for a 29-28 decision as Bloody Elbow scores it.

Cassie Rodish vs. Meghan Wright - Atomweight (105 lbs)

Round 1: No glove taps from Rodish, as Wright is left hanging. Wright then attacks immediately with some punches and knees, but Rodish shoves her into a cage angle and works a headlock. Wright has a hand up and looks to be waiting patiently. Somehow, Rodish mutates it into a tight guillotine and Wright taps! This is less than a minute in! Cassie Rodish, submission, Round 1.

Replay shows Wright's head contorted rather well past normal in that guillotine and Wright looks very ticked off as the referee and doctors check on her.