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Invicta FC: Four Of Twenty-Two Fighters Miss Weight For Women's MMA Event

Romy Ruyssen missed weight for her main event bout with Marloes Coenen (Photo: Esther Lin)
Romy Ruyssen missed weight for her main event bout with Marloes Coenen (Photo: Esther Lin)

Invicta Fighting Championships is picking up a bit of steam over the past week. This is partially because of the fact that it's the biggest MMA event this weekend with no Bellator, Strikeforce or UFC events and partially because the concept of women's-only MMA is unique.

Unfortunately, the event didn't get off the the greatest start as four of the twenty-two fighters on the card weren't able to make weight. Here are the full weights via MMA Rising:

Featherweight (145 Pounds): Marloes Coenen (146.0) vs Romy Ruyssen (149.8)*

Atomweight (105): Jessica Penne (105.6) vs Lisa Ellis (106.0)

Bantamweight (135): Liz Carmouche (134.2) vs Ashleigh Curry (136.0)**

Bantamweight (135): Kaitlin Young (135.4) vs Leslie Smith (135.0)

Bantamweight (135): Sarah D'Alelio (135.2) vs Vanessa Mariscal (136.0)

Strawweight (115): Sally Krumdiack (113.6) vs Sarah Schneider (115.6)

Atomweight (105): Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc (105.4) vs Amy Davis (105.6)

Flyweight (125): Sarah Maloy (125.4) vs Michele Gutierrez (125.0)

Featherweight (145): Randi Miller (149.0)*** vs Mollie Estes (145.0)

Strawweight (115): Ashley Cummins (115.0) vs Sofia Bagherdai (120.6)****

Atomweight (105): Cassie Rodish (105.2) vs Meghan Wright (103.6)

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Romy Ruyssen was fined 25% of her purse as were Randi Miller and Sofia Bagherdai. Ashleigh Curry only lost 10% of her purse as she was only a pound over.

The real issue here is the extent to which weight was missed. Four fighters missing weight by more than four pounds is a real issue and something that needs to be fixed. Let's not forget when Shannon Knapp was interviewed by Steph Daniels about getting Invicta of the ground:

Tapout Radio: Several of the girls featured on your card are currently on the Strikeforce roster. Is that an open ended arrangement or do you intend to eventually become the mecca for female MMA?

Shannon Knapp: A lot of the girls are still signed with Strikeforce. Strikeforce is in a unique position right now. With a limited amount of shows, they aren't able to keep all of their athletes active. What they've done, and I think it's a great thing, is they're allowing those girls to participate on our card. I think it's a great gesture, letting these girls stay active.

I think it would be great if the girls had one platform, instead of being so scattered. When Dana (White) said that there was a lack of depth with the women, he was absolutely correct, but the rebuttal to that is that he's only seeing four or five girls active. How do you gauge the depth when they're so spread out? I think with us coming in and building a solid foundation to bring all these girls together, we can solidify these weight classes. I think we're going to be able to make a difference.

Solidifying weight classes isn't going to work if the fighters aren't able to make the weight.