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Asian MMA - URCC 21: Warpath Live Video and Discussion

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URCC 21 is taking place live, right now (started around 9 p.m. ET). Since we just found out that they're streaming the event live online, we're happy to bring you coverage of the event including live video which is embedded after the jump. Our own Anton Tabuena is ringside and I'm sure will have thoughts on the event in the coming week.

Here's what the full card looks like for today's event:

- Adam Cacay def. Fred Lim Jr. by Submission (Armbar), 6:47 Round 2
- Isaac Tuling def. Charles De Tomas by Submission (strikes), 9:29 Round 2
- Rasel Iniong def. Mark Dialogo by Submission (Armbar), 7:20 Round 2
- Miguel Alo def. Mario Sismundo by Submission (Armbar), 9:34 Round 2
- Jonathan Sumogat def. Mark Joseph Abrillo by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), 6:37 Round 2
- Mark Striegl def. Alcer Lozada by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), 3:24 Round 1
- Will Chope def. Angelito Manguray by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), 2:55 Round 1
- Jerson Estoro def. Reysaldo Transmonte by Decision (Unanimous), 5:00 Round 3
- Roy Doliguez def. Alvin Ramirez by Decision (Unanimous), 10:00 Round 2
- Nicholas Mann def. Froilan Sarenas by Decision (Unanimous), 10:00 Round 2 [Super-Fight Title]

Live streaming video is after the jump, watch it and enjoy. Don't forget to share your thoughts on the event as it goes down in the comments.

Here's the live video for URCC 21: Warpath:

Here's an alternate link to the event video. If it asks for a password input "ironforgesirondotcom". (HT: IFI):