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UFC President Dana White: 'When Ambien Can't Sleep, It Takes Ben Askren'

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Earlier today I posted a tweet from Bellator champion Ben Askren calling UFC president Dana White's statement that the UFC can't test all of their fighters a "bold faced lie." Not surprisingly it didn't take long for Dana to respond to someone tweeting him that story with a shot at Askren.

Here's Dana's response:

thefightweek thefightweek
in reply to @thefightweek

@thefightweek @benaskren when ambien can't sleep it takes Ben Askren. The most boring fighter in MMA history. I would rather watch flys f**k
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Taking shots at Dana and then having Dana say that he'd rather watch flies engage in coitus than watch you fight can't bode well for a fighter's future.

And let's all be honest here, Ben Askren is a miserably boring fighter.

He can continue to get upset at fans and media who call him out on his particularly boring style of fighting and the fact that he only has one stoppage win since arriving at Bellator (and that was a bad call by the ref against Ryan Thomas), but the fact remains that he has done nothing to make him someone that is "must see."

Winning is obviously the most important thing, but having a reputation of putting on bad fights and then insulting the fans who boo your performance isn't exactly a going to fast track you to the big stage. Now, Ben even has Dana upset with him.

It's good news for Bellator though as I'm sure they'll have Ben fighting in their promotion for a good long while now.