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UFC On Fuel 2 Results: Jason Young Takes Decision Over Eric Wisely

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Jason Young picked up his first win in the UFC with a solid unanimous decision victory over Eric Wisely in the first preliminary bout of UFC on Fuel 2. The scores were 30-28, 29-28, 29-28. Young landed a bunch of takedowns and spent over half the fight on top, landing some varied offense. Wisely did manage to look fairly good on the feet, but his constant feinting didn't work out too well because he wouldn't follow it up with much.

The first round opened with Wisely throwing feints, trying to get Young to commit to something. After exchanging some high kicks, Wisely moved in and landed a nice left, but Young responded with a solid counter left. Wisely attempted to throw a spinning back kick, but Young clamped onto "Little Lee"s back.He attempted to get the slam, but there was nothing there. After a few knees to the butt, the referee separated the fighters. Young landed some solid shots after the break, then cauught a kick and got the takedown into Wisely's full guard. Young returned to his feet and landed a barrage of kicks to a downed Wisely. After landing a nice body kick, Wisely tried a straight kick and was taken down once again. Young finished the round with some nice ground and pound.

Young opened the second stanza with some momentum, and was the fighter coming forward early. After about 30 seconds, Young scored a nice trip takedown. "Shotgun" worked patiently in Wisely's full guard for a while, and landed a big falling shot as well. After tenderizing Wisely with some ground and pound for over half the round, Young finally backed out of Wisely's guard and allowed Eric to stand. It didn't stay on the feet for long though, and Young landed another nice trip off a missed Wisely kick. The round ended with Wisely looking for some offense from his back, but there was nothing there.

Wisely heeded his corners advice in between rounds and came out with a big kick, then clamped onto Young's back immediately. Young got loose though, and the fighters traded strikes in the center of the cage. Once again, Wisely's feints cost him as Young grabbed a leg and got the takedown. Young opened up with the GnP again, and continually stood up out of guard, looking to drop a big right hand on him. The referee eventually stood them up, but Wisely ran out of time. Young clearly won the fight.

Young entered the fight on a two-fight losing streak and was probably fighting to continue his UFC tenure here. Wisely dropped his UFC debut to Charles Oliveira at UFC on Fox 2.

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