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UFC on Fuel TV: Gustafsson vs. Silva - Live Results And Play-By-Play For Facebook Stream

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UFC on Fuel TV Poster by Anton Tabuena
UFC on Fuel TV Poster by Anton Tabuena

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC on Fuel TV 2. Our live coverage will start with the prelim card on Facebook (12:30 p.m. ET) through the Fuel TV main card (3 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

This post will cover live results and thoughts for the Facebook prelims.

In the "featured prelim" slot, Papy Abedi looks to pick up his first win when he faces James Head in a welterweight bout. Light heavyweight striker Cyrille Diabate takes on Tom DeBlass on the stream as well. Francis Carmont will be cornered by UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre for his bout with fellow middleweight Magnus Cedenblad. Local boy Reza Madadi looks to excite the crowd when he takes on Yoislandy Izquierdo in a lightweight bout. Rounding out the card is a welterweight bout between Simeon Thoresen and Besam Yousef and a featherweight bout between Jason Young and Eric Wisely.

Make sure to come back during this rare afternoon UFC event and share your thoughts as the fights go down.

SBN coverage of UFC on FUEL TV 2

The facebook stream is live, first fight up shortly

Jason Young vs. Eric Wisely - Round 1 - Young fires a head kick but it's blocked, a much slower one now from Wisely is also blocked. Left hand by Young lands. Young takes the back standing as Wisely tries to throw a spinning kick. Wisely getting away with some cage grabbing. Young throwing hard knees to the back of the leg and still has the back but the ref restarts them? Horrible. That's a very dominant position and he was actively working. Young catches a kick and drives through with a takedown. Young does a little work and now is standing over Wisely. Wisely throwing some upkicks. Young tells him to stand back up. Another kick by Wisely and Young takes him right back down again. Wisely trying to control the wrists but Young lands a few very nice elbows. 10-9 Young.

Round 2 - Young with a few punches to counter Wisely's kicks early. Young catches another kick and trips the other leg to end up on top yet again. Upkick by Wisely but then a huge punch by Young. Young is winning but he doesn't appear to have much of a plan. He'll be on top for a bit, then stand over Wisely, then dive in with a punch, then stand up again. A few more short elbows by Young now. Stands up again, so the ref lets Wisely stand again as well. Young with another trip takedown off a Wisely kick. 10-9 Young again. Not a real impressive fight.

Round 3 -Wisely looks for the takedown now and he ends up almost taking Young's back standing but Young gets out. Nice punch by Wisely gets in. Looping right by Wisely. Knee to the body by Wisely. It's too bad it took his corner letting him know he's down two rounds before he really opened up a bit because I don't think he can finish Young and he needs to to win. Young catches another kick and gets the takedown. More grinding away by Young. Young landing good shots now. Wisely trying to fire back but Young doing the better work. Another stand-up. Wisely has a minute to find a finish. Another caught kick, another takedown. That'll seal it. 10-9 Young.

Official scorecards: 30-28, 29-28 and 29-28 Jason Young wins by unanimous decision.

Simeon Thoresen vs. Besam Yousef - Round 1 - Yousef looking to strike at distance and he lands a few looping punches. Thoresen ducks under looking for a single leg. Yousef throwing a lot of short punches but Thoresen is able to get the takedown. Yousef with elbows off his back. Thoresen with weird hammerfists. Yousef with some punches off his back. Thoresen with better ground and pound now. Yousef is really content to try to punch off his back but he's not got any real steam on punches from that position. Thoresen still on top. Bad stand-up but that seems liek it might just be a theme on the night. Yousef with a few nice punches and Thoresen with the thai clinch and he's throwing knees. Yousef with hard punches to the body, Thoresen still working the knees and punches to the body and now a huge elbow. Yousef with some nice shots now. 10-9 Yousef I guess but could argue either way.

Round 2 - Both men land left hands, but Yousef's was better. Thoresen with a nice combination and then a takedown attempt but Yousef sprawls and starts to bomb away again before Thoresen circles off. Big shot by Thoresen hurts Yousef. Yousef able to escape the first choke, second one almost has him out before Yousef gives up the mount and now THoresen pounds away. Yousef just covering up now, now gives up the back, deep choke and Thoresen gets the rear naked choke for the submission. Wow, that was impressive finishing once he had him hurt. Simeon Thoresen wins by submission (rear naked choke), 2:36 of round 2.

Yoislandy Izquierdo vs. Reza Madadi - Round 1 - Madadi pushing forwarwd while Izquierdo throws some big shots in his direction. Madadi tries for a takedown, can't get it but then manages to get the takedown from behind. Madadi right into side control. He tries to land a north south choke but Izquierdo gets up and throws some big shots and has Madadi hurt. Madadi running away and manages to get enough distance to recover. Madadi having trouble getting the takedown now. Bad restart by the ref but that's just how this event is going to go I guess. Nice combination by Izquierdo now. Izquierdo bombing away with huge shots and Madadi is hurt again but manages to get the takedown. 10-9 Izquierdo.

Round 2 - Izquierdo striking well from distance again and Madadi isn't quite as willing to come in as he was last round. Big combo by Izquierdo but Madadi with a big takedown and he's in side control again. Izquierdo tries to get out but Madadi locks in the choke and gets the submission from mount. Very nice finish. Reza Madadi wins by submission (guillotine choke), 1:28 of round 2.

Francis Carmont vs. Magnus Cedenblad - Round 1 - Cedenblad hopping around a lot and throwing some kicks. Body kick by Carmont and now a takedown. Cedenblad trying to find an angle for an armbar but Carmont's positioning is solid so far. Carmont stands up and he is trying to step away from a sweep attempt by Cedenblad but Cedenblad charges and gets a big takedown of his own. Full mount now and Carmont gives up the back. Carmont trying to stand up. Cedenblad finally looked like he had the rear naked locked up but Carmont is fine. Carmont with ground and pound now after managing to turn and end up on top. Carmont trying to pass to mount. Good comeback by Carmont but Cedenblad did enough early to take that round. 10-9 Cedenblad.

Round 2 - Carmont with a quick takedown and he pounds away as Cedenblad gives up his back. Carmont is able to lock in the rear naked choke and the fight is over. That didn't take long. Francis Carmont wins by submission (rear naked choke), 1:42 of Round 2.

Tom DeBlass vs. Cyrille Diabate - Round 1 - DeBlass with a left hand that lands. DeBlass clinches him against the cage now. DeBlass switches to a single leg and finishes the takedown. DeBlass passes to half guard but everything is done very slowly. The ref is getting antsy to stand it up. DeBlass working to pass the other leg now. DeBlass turns and now passes to side control. Round ends and DeBlass won with position but did nothing with it really.

Round 2 - DeBlass catches a Diabate kick and takes him down right away. Into half guard and looking to pass to side control, which he does with more ease than he did in the first round. Diabate tries to stand up and DeBlass locks in a guillotine, he can't finish but it allows him to be back on top. Diabate gets up, and the same thing happens again but this time Diabate takes him down. Late notice for the replacement fighter in DeBlass is taking it out of DeBlass now. DeBlass uses a leg lock threat to end up back on top again. Right back to side control. Diabate reverses and is on top again landing big shots on the exhausted DeBlass. Nice punches by Diabate. 10-9 round for Diabate and DeBlass looks done.

Round 3 - Diabate potshotting now on the feet. DeBlass is just exhausted, mouth open, huffing and puffing. Big knee now by Diabate. DeBlass just desperately tries to fall and take a leg but he has nothing to try to finish so Diabate is landing some hard shots. DeBlass tries for another leg lock but instead settles to just be on top. DeBlass ends up losing position easily and Diabate is punching him in the face again. 10-9 Diabate. That fight was kind of bad.

Official Scorecards: 29-28, 29-28, 28-28 Cyrille Diabate wins by majority decision.

Papy Abedi vs. James Head - Round 1 - Head throws a few punches that miss and a body kick that is blocked. Abedi fires back with a kick that is blocked also. Now Head lands a jab, straight, jab combo. Abedi ends up getting a takedown. Abedi did get to half guard but Head managed to stand up and is landing some punches. RIght hand by Abedi lands as a hard counter. They trade overhands that land. Head with a right hand, used a guillotine to set up a big right. Head is landing some big right hands and Abedi is hurt badly. Head to the mount as Abedi dives for a takedown, now takes the back, locks in a choke and it's over. James Head wins by submission (rear naked choke), 4:33 of round 1.