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Kimbo Slice Returns To Boxing Ring Against Yet Another Undersized Opponent On March 24

Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images
Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images
Getty Images

The boxing career of former EliteXC and UFC "attraction" Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson keeps on rolling along when he meets mixed martial artist Mike Glenn on March 24. Predictably, Glenn is making his pro debut and, like all of Slice's prior opponents, is not actually a heavyweight. Glenn competed in MMA at 205 pounds so he will almost certainly come in the much lighter man when the two meet later this month.

This is a continuing trend for Kimbo as he made his debut against then 0-1 James Wade weighing 227 to Wade's 205, took on then 2-3 Tay Bledsoe weighing 244 to Bledsoe's 206 and then beat the debuting Charles Hackmann when he weighed 235 to Hackmann's 211. The only opponent Slice has faced (or is scheduled to face in Glenn's case) who is a listed heavyweight is Hackmann, and that's only because he made his debut at heavyweight. He almost certainly could have cut down to cruiserweight.

Every boxing career sees a certain kind of progression to get guys used to the kind of challenges you're going to face in the ring over your career. That is not the point here. The point is that while Jared Shaw runs around yelling about Kimbo being a much needed "injection into the heavyweight division," the reality is that Kimbo remains a sideshow who is proving nothing by beating smaller men. No heavyweight of note has kicked off their career by doing nothing but picking off cruiserweights and at 38 years old, the idea of him challenging for a title as Shaw suggested in the past becomes even more laughable as he hasn't even proven that he can hang with an actual heavyweight. Even small North American titles like the NABA, NABF and NABO are held by guys who would smoke Kimbo.

We're seeing a guy with a reputation as somewhat chinny fighting against guys below his weight class. There's a reason for that.