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Strikeforce Tate Vs. Rousey Results: Pat Healy Submits Caros Fodor In The Third

Pat Healy defeats Caros Fodor by arm triangle choke. The tap out came at 3:35 in the third round.

The fighters didn't waste time and traded punches from the pocket. Healy initiated the clinch and looked for the early takedown. Fodor turned Healy into the cage but was quickly reversed with Healy opening up with dirty boxing. On the exit Fodor landed a a shot to the chin which stunned the fighter out of Team Quest. Fodor got the takedown and opened up with ground and pound. Healy hit a backdoor escape and tripped Fodor to the ground. Healy immediately started throwing punches from inside Fodor's guard as Fodor attempted to control the wrists. The round ended with Healy throwing punches from the top.

Fodor landed an early snapping jab at the start of the second and Healy responded with his own jab-cross combination. Healy landed an inside leg kick before attempting a lazy takedown. Fodor defended well but Healy pressed him against the fence to transition to a single leg takedown. Healy was really working to get the fight to the ground and eventually pulled the legs out from under Fodor. Fodor was able to regain his feet but Healy dragged the fight right back down. Healy didn't do much much with the position as Fodor attempted to grab a leg lock. Healy defended and transitioned to mount to close out the round.

Caros Fodor knowing he was down on the score cards attacked early in the round. Patrick Healy ducked down and hit a single leg takedown. Healy immediately transitioned to full mount and attempted to posture up but Fodor controlled the wrists. Fodor regained half guard but almost got caught in an arm triangle. Fodor defended and then grabbed a leg for an ankle lock. Healy sunk in another arm triangle and forced the tap. Impressive win for Pat Healy.

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