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Lee Murray, Imprisoned MMA Fighter And Bank Heist Kingpin, In Trouble For Fathering A Child Inside Moroccan Prison

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Lee Murray walking to the Octagon before his bout at UFC 46.
Lee Murray walking to the Octagon before his bout at UFC 46.

Lee Murray, the UFC veteran and one-time UK cagefighting star who went on to allegedly mastermind the biggest cash robbery in UK history is in trouble again. The Mirror (UK) has the story:

The cage-fighting crime boss behind the £53m Securitas heist has been moved to a high-security unit and stripped of prison luxuries. It comes after the Sunday Mirror revealed that Lee Murray, who is behind bars in Morocco on drugs charges, fathered a child behind bars.

Prison chiefs were furious after learning that he flouted rules by sleeping with a woman visitor who was not his wife. Murray, 32, was moved to a tougher unit of Kenitra prison, near Rabat, and his mobile phone, television and DVDs were confiscated.

Murray avoided extradition to the UK but was sentenced to prison in Morocco for drug offenses. He has gotten into trouble for attempting to escape in the past and a number of his confederates are serving time in UK prisons.

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