So you think the last Kimbo fight was a work?

From Brian Green - the guy who Kimbo fought.

Seriously, I am in complete disbelief of the ignorance of Fight fans. HOW DARE YOU say I took a dive in my fight against Kimbo?

I was officially (according to ALL THREE JUDGES SCORECARDS) winning the fight. I went out there, and I fought my heart out for the fans. I want to put a few things into perspective for you 'keyboard warriors' who have never laced up a pair of gloves in your life, but want to hate on someone behind a screen.

First, I took this fight on only THREE DAYS NOTICE! I had no time to prepare for a boxing match, I had been training for an upcoming MMA Fight April 13.

1. If I WERE GOING TO take a dive which I NEVER would, (I have too much pride to do that garbage!- I went into this fight with absolutely nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain making a name off beating KIMBO SLICE) I DEFINITELY wouldn't wait until only 3 seconds left. If I were to take a dive I would do it before I got my brains beat on for 12 minutes.

2. I have a HUGE fight coming up April 13th. I have been begging for this fight for over a year now, and I FINALLY get it, and I HAD to make it to a decision to keep the opportunity to fight this upcoming fight. If I got TKO'd or KO'd I lose my rematch because of the medical suspension I would receive!!

3. You ignorant people.... Think about this. Do you realy think I would give up a WIN over KIMBO SLICE and a DOMINANT performance after going up 44lbs in weight with only 3 seconds left when the fight was WON? How dare you even speculate that I would give up WINNING for that. With only THREE SECONDS LEFT.

4. People talk about how I didn't even seem to care that I lost on the video in the back locker room. Well to clear that up, I do not even remember being in the back locker room. I don't remember anything that happened back there (Getting my hand tape cut off etc.) I watched the video from back scenes and I do not remember any of it.

5. I feel pretty crappy already that I was THAT CLOSE to beating Kimbo Slice. PLEASE don't make it worse by writing horrible things about this on the internet. You can ask anyone who knows me. I ALWAYS feel I have a chance at winning EVERY fight I'm in.... and i ALMOST won THIS one. I would never EVER take a dive. ESPECIALLY SOMEONE WHO HAS 5,000,000 views on youtube and a name that would skyrocket my career.

6. I am currently on a seven fight win streak in MMA, and I have a goal of making it to the UFC. My goal was to make it last a decision so I only received a seven day suspension, and I could fight my fight April 13th. If I wanted to make it to the UFC, what do you think would be most beneficial? To win for 4 rounds in a boxing match with KIMBO, and then take a dive with only 3 seconds left?! or to Last the decision, Which just so happened would have been a WIN in the biggest opportunity of my life giving a well known name and undefeated pro boxer his first loss. I was THREE SECONDS AWAY FROM DOING JUST THAT.

Add up the facvts, and PLEASE have some respect. I feel like crap as it is from LOSING. Don't hate on me and even think that me taking a dive is an option. I went out there with something to prove, and I ALMOST proved it.

However, almost only counts in Horse shoes and Hand Grenedes, right?

Thank GOD for keeping me safe, and that I don't have to have a jaw wired shut right now. That was my #1 concern fighting that BEAST of a human.

To everyone else who was there in attendance, Thank you for making it a fun fight.... Though I don't remember it, watching it on tape has been awesome, and got me super pumped up. DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN!?!?!? haaaaaaaaah!!!

Thanks for ALL of those who support me, and know that I would NEVER take some garbage dive. I ALMOST had him..."

Note: Spelling mistakes left to keep authenticity.

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