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Rampage Jackson Continues To Talk Testosterone Replacement

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In a very, very long (like, 45 minutes long) interview with MMA Heat's Karyn Bryant, Quinton Jackson talks about all kinds of topics. From his recent Twitter rampage, to his disappointment at his spot on the UFC's return to Japan and everything in between. But, for me anyway, the most interesting segment is when Jackson addresses the subject of his testosterone replacement therapy.

Here's the video:

Quotes on the TRT situation after the jump...

When Karyn asked him about the controversy surrounding his use of testosterone replacement, here is what Jackson had to say:

"Well, the reason that I took it was, I heard that organizations like to have all the fighters on a level playing field. My test was really low and I was told by some doctors to bring it up to 600. My doctor said I should bring it up to 800 because some guys are naturally at like 1100. Say a guy like Cheick Kongo. You see how he's ripped and stuff all the time? Totally natural. But they said he might be 1100 naturally. So why should I be at 6? I did it fair! I said okay, I did 6. I don't care. I didn't want mines at what it was, it was really low.

My doctor...Dr. Kessler he sees me and he automatically gets paid by the UFC. He'll call the UFC and tell the UFC what I need. I'm not used to that, before I didn't do this. The UFC pays for everything. That's what I was saying in the interview..."


"I went back to Dr. Kessler he said well...if you depend on fighting you gotta go meet this doctor right here, Dr. K. He's a Russian guy, very smart and he said they'll put you on some...age management or something. He'll know what to do to make you heal faster. So I did that and sat down and talked to him and he explained everything to me."


"I got blood tests every week to test my levels and everything and I made sure I didn't go over the level. It helped me good enough to do the fight."