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Eric Prindle Vs. Thiago Santos Delayed To Prindle Illness

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Eric Prindle and Thiago Santos were expected to finish last seasons heavyweight tournament final at tomorrow night's Bellator 61 event. The two met last season in a bout that ended when Santos kicked Prindle in the groin while he was on his back, leading to a no contest and Prindle sharing one of the most upsetting TwitPics I can remember.

The rematch has been delayed a week though as Prindle has come down with an illness. Or at least that's what was told to USA Today:

An illness to Eric Prindle convinced officials to push his bout with Thiago Santos back to March 23 at Bellator 62 in Laredo, Texas, the promotion told USA TODAY on Thursday afternoon. Prindle-Santos was supposed to headline Friday's Bellator 61 card in Bossier City, La.

Prindle started vomiting last night after showing flu-like symptoms, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney said. Louisiana regulators recommended that the bout not take place on Friday, Rebney said.

The strange thing is, Prindle went on MMA Radio and made it clear that it was nothing he did which was followed up with this tweet from @lawradio:

@themmashow show reports Thiago Santos Vs Eric Prindle II is off due to Santos being over 300 Ibs yesterday (had to make 265 this afternoon)

Bjorn Rebney went on the radio right after Prindle and said that Prindle was sick, though and was throwing up in a trash can yesterday and could barely walk and that Santos was only 12 pounds over

Something very odd is going on here.

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