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Lorenzo Fertitta Is A Believer In Women's MMA

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Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images
Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images
Getty Images

While it's not quite at the level of mainstream interest of when Gina Carano was on top, women's MMA is experiencing a boom after two great fights on the Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey card. Both the main event between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey and the undercard fight featuring Alexis Davis against Sarah Kaufman were spectacular fights and with Rousey now the champion, there's a marketable star on top again.

While UFC president Dana White has always said that the biggest issue with women's MMA isn't the fights, it's the lack of depth, CEO Lorenzo Fertitta thinks they could create a great WMMA league right now (Via MMA Fighting):

"Dana is right. Historically there has been an issue with the depth of talent in the talent pool, but it seems to me like that is starting to change and the one argument I make when we talk about it, and this might sound a little self-serving, but we've never been in the women's game, so we've never had our matchmakers do this. Let Joe Silva and Sean Shelby develop a women's league. I guarantee you they can do it. They're that good."

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