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Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson Still Talking About Beef With UFC On Twitter

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Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images
Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images
Getty Images

Quinton Jackson has been going a bit nuts on Twitter since this past weekend when he declared that the UFC had stolen his love of fighting after the Forrest Griffin fight and saying he wants the promotion to release him. Things had seemed to have calmed down a bit over the past few days, but Rampage is back at it on his Twitter account this afternoon.

Here's some of the highlights (language censored a bit to make for family friendly front paging):

Let me clear things up 4 my fans,it might take 2 tweets! I'm upset cause I've been fighting hurt 4 a few years now,cause I have kids n 4yall

The @ufc knew I was hurt,n almost everyfight I was hurt n,but instead of saying thanks 4 not pulling out,they talk s**t about a poor job....

I did,I never missed weight,but when I do, nobody stop 4 a second 2 ask if I was hurt,yall just quick 2 talk s**t,so I'm done with themafter

I'm not complaining about money,cause I'm about 2 make a lot less money now,but at least the people I fight 4 will appreciate what I do4mma

There's a bit more after the jump...

Here are a few more key tweets from today's "action":

I have 1 more fight on my contract n @danawhite said n a text (that I've saved) hahaha that I can go after my last fight

y? So I can keep being under promoted n giving leg humpers who just wants 2 take me down all the time instead of havin a show?

Jackson also said that he almost left the UFC when Dana tried to put him on a Fox show in January instead of on the Japan card as requested.