Greasing With Water: The Tragic, Almost Complete Transcript Of What Was Said In Nick Diaz' Corner During UFC 143


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A lot has been said and written about Nick Diaz’ fight with Carlos Condit. One point of discussion has been Diaz seeming inablility to adapt in a fight that was at least close or – in the opinion of many fans and more importantly the judges – he was losing. Personally I thought Diaz did win the fight, but this is definitely a case of "could’ve gone either way". More interesting to me is the question, what was going on with Nick, wether he was following a gameplan, if he really did get bad advice by his corner and so on. Luckily, the UFC provides an audio-stream straight from the corner of Nick Diaz. Even more luckily for you gentlemen I had the insane idea to make a transcript of the high-points for the poor suckers who do not get these streams for free like us germans. Obviously I did regret that decision by the time I tried to decipher the screaming of Nate Diaz and the Gracie-Team for the first minute. But well…gotta finish what you started and give back to the community and such. So I pulled through.

However: I was unable to identify any other speaker than Nate Diaz, so I just labled them "Red Corner". Most oft he time, it probably was Richard Perez, his boxing-coach. I left out the inconsequential stuff such as "you want water?" most of the time. Whenever you see [...] I couldn’t understand what was being said and that piece is missing. Whenever you don't see that I probably still left out a bit. All these are direct quotes however, as precise as was possible. The timecodes are from the clock in the round and not extremely acurate but they’ll give you an idea, what was said when and it's the only way to sync everybody regardless of the source.

Editor's note: Bloody Elbow has not verified the word for word accuracy of this post. Also, while our site policy involves not posting "bad language" on the front page, this post does contain strong language.

Before Rd1:
Nate: Fuck this guy, be smart a’right?
Nate: Wake up, Dude! Wake up! There you go!
Red Corner (probably talking to the corner-team): Be calm in the corner. That’s where the cameras are, they’re tryin’ t make us look bad. The camera [...] is makin’ us look bad for freakin’ out so be calm on the camera’s
Nate: Watch that straight right left hook he’s gonna try, straight right – left hook. Red Corner: Let’s go Diaz! Be smart! Let’s do it!

Round 1:
Red Corner (right after the first leg kick): Check that kick
Nate: Watch that straight right – left hook!
Nate (4:43): Put that chin down!
Red Corner (4:05): Box him up, Nick!
Nate (4:07): Feints too! Feints! Make him throw!
Red Corner (3:45): Turn it up! He’s trying to run! He’s trying to run!
Nate (3:36, probably talking about Condit): Yeah, he gets hit. He gets hit with shots.
Nate (3:34): Feints too, make him throw!
Red Corner (3:30): Turn it up! Turn it up! Right there!
Nate (commenting as Condit slips away): Hit and run...
Nate (3:!4): Body! Body!
Red Corner (3:08): You got him against the cage!
Nate (3:04): Cut him off, don’t chase him!
Red Corner (3:02): Cut him off, don’t follow! (The command is repeated many (!) times from here on out till the end of the round)
Nate (answering to a question I can’t understand at 2:36): Trying to tag with a hard shot, that’s why. He’s probably tryin to win with a hard shot..
Red Corner (2:22): Cut him off, don’t let him get out!
Nate (2:20): Let’s get on that body too!
Nate (2:04): There you go! Set up the body!
Red Corner (2:01): You stand up tall!
Nate (after a spinning elbow by Carlos at 1:58): Fuckin’ dick!
Red Corner (1:45): Get in and get out! Don’t let him get off! Work that body [...]
Nate (after another leg-kick, 1:42): Check that shit!
Red Corner (1:31): He’s landet the better shots so far
Nate (1:30): Yah.
Nate (1:27): He’s tryin to pace for five rounds.
Nate (as Nick is pressing Carlos against the fence): Shorter! Shorter!
Red Corner (1:14): Flank him! Come on! Get him against the cage! Body!
Nate (0:56): Cut him off good!
Red Corner (0:55): Get that body again! Keep that pace Nick!
Red Corner (after Condit escapes again and a lot of "Cut him off!" previously): You let him get off again! Don’t let him get off!
Red Corner (0:26): Back him up! Take a step forward! Set it up! Step forward! Turn it up!

At this point I realized this would take forever and decided to drop most of the redundand stuff or sum it up!

Before Rd 2:
Nate: Sit down, sit down.
Richard Perez: Don’t let him circle, you hear? When you got him against the cage...
Nate (interrupting): Deep breaths, deep breaths.
Richard Perez: Deep breaths, out of your mouth! Now...when you back him up against the cage Nick, you gotta stay in his face hard, you understand? So what you’re gonna do is your gonna pump that jab...
Nick: (to Nate, interrupting) Gimme the bottle of water.
Richard Perez: And you go to the body and then back to the head. Head-Body, it’s wide open, you can get him.
Nate: He’s tryin to make you chase him too [him and Perez talking over each other] Cut him off real good.
Nate: He’s tryin to coast for five rounds. Cut him off good!

Round 2
(I’ll leave out most of the constant screams of "cut him off" here. Know that they are there till the fight ends)

Red Corner (4:35): Here comes the headkick! (Actually there’s another leg kick)
Red Coner (4:10): Keep comin. You have it there, dog!
Nate (to a teammate, 4:03): He’s got nothin on him, dude. He’s just tryin to set stuff up. (right here, Condit throws a spinning elbow at around 3:58) See, that’s the kind of asshole-shit he’s got. But...he better land a good one if he wants to end it cause he can’t really do too much.
Red Corner (3:41): You gotta throw your punches down the middle!
Nate (3:32): Make him come to you!
*somebody applauds after Nick taunts and slaps Carlos* (3:21)
Red Corner (somebody else than the staff that could be heard so far 3:08): Condit you pussy!
Red Corner: You can run all day!
Nate (2:50): Make him chase you! Make him chase you a little bit! Let him chase you too he ain’t got shit!

*Lot’s of calls for cutting Carlos off, going to the body and some feints from here on out *

Red Corner (1:40): Make him miss! Make him miss! Let your hands go!
Nate (after the flurry on the fence around 1:20): Good job Nick
Red Corner (1:24): He’s tired now! He’s tired! He’s getting desperate right now, he’s getting tired! Down the middle!
Nate: Nicks gonna pick up the pace later in the thrid-fourth round and if [...]
Red Corner (0:37): Come on, Nick! You can’t win like that! You can’t win like that!
Red Corner (0:17): Throw! Throw!

Before Rd 3
Nate: Ok, sit down
Red Corner: You can’t finish him by follwoing him. Your doin good [...] and come back with the uppercut.
Nate: Keep doin’ what you’re doin.
Red Corner: You’re doing good. You got him runnin now. He’s gassin out from runnin. Nate: You ain’t gonna have to chase him so much, too. You can if you want but you don’t have to. He’s trying to make you chase him around some hard shit (?). You can wave him down like "Come to me motherfucker!". [...]You won the last two rounds so keep doin what you’re doin. But you can make him come to you too. Or do what you want. You can do that too, he ain’t doin nothin.
-- Can’t understand what Richard Perez is saying here, unfortunately
Nate: Feints too, ok? Make him throw, make him throw. Good job brother, you’re doin good.

Round 3
Nate (no clock yet...right at the start oft he round): It’s lookin good
Red Corner: You think so?
Nate: Yah, two – zero.
Red Corner: Sometimes though, they...
Nate: Nah, two to zero. Everybody knows that. Fuck that! The guy ain’t doin nothin. He’s doin what he can though.
Red Corner: He’s running. He’s running the whole time.
Red Corner (4:25): Right now! Right now!
Red Corner (after Nick flurries on Carlos 4:23): Oh, nice! Nice left hand!
Red Corner (4:21): He’s hurt! He’s hurt Nick! He’s hurt!
Red Corner (4:12, as Carlos turns his back briefly and jogs to the middle of the cage): Get on top of him! You gotta be on top of him when he does that! He’s not set. Now down the middle! Come on!
Red Corner: (3:43) You got it dog! Keep going! Keep doing it! Keep doing it! He don’t know what to do no more! That’s it right there! He’s turning! He’s turning! Step over! Step over, down the middle! (This gets repeated a while with calls to let his hands go and go fort he body)
Nate (2:51): Heartrate, Nick!
Red Corner (2:30): Don’t let him bounce around!
Red Corner (2:07): Come on now, Nick! Don’t stand in front of him! Back him up, there you you go! Mix it up, Nick!

*Lots of "cut him off", "turn it up", "make him come to you" and all his corners favorites so far*

Red Corner (to Nate): He’s gotta get the punch-combos going
Nate: Yeah. It’s hard though when you’re chasing the fucker all over the place.
Nate (0:16): Don’t chase him, walk him down, Nick!
Nate (after Condit slipped): What happened? Did he fall?
Red Corner: Yeah, he fell.

Before Round 4
Nate: Here, sit down, brother
Nick: Did I get hit?
Nate: Nah, you’re not even cut.
Richard Perez: He’s got nothin no more, dog. You hear me? He got nothin no more. All you gotta do is go down the middle, get that body-shot. Don’t stand in front of him though cause you may get hit [...]
Nate: You can make him come to you as well cause he’s just running from you. Don’t chase him. Wave "Come to me, motherfucker", you know what I mean? [..] You can keep doin what you do the whole fight. You gotta cut him off really good, ok?
Round 4
Red Corner: [...]man, they’re trying to cool him off. That was a lot of water.
Red Corner: His heatrate seems still alright
Nate (4:49): That’s what they do, they make him all wet so the punches slip off and shit.
Red Corner (4:44): Ist that allowed here?
Nate (Yelling over to the other corner): Ey, y’all put too much water on that motherfucker, man!
Nate (4:32): Ref! Dry him off, ref! Dry him off!
Nate (4:23): He’s slippin all over the place cause they put water all over him! That’s weak.
Nate (3:48): Okay let’s go and pick your shots right now, let’s not go for the fence right now! Quicker shots that land, Nick! They don’t got to be hard now, just make’em land!
Red Corner (3:25): He’s gonna run in a circle all night. Let’s get some hooks, make him stay in there!
Red Corner (3:19): That body shot hurt him, do it again!
Red Corner (3:12): He’s trying to run again. He always runs out to the same side. Right hook as soon as he turns out!
Red Corner (3:05): Right hook, left hook, keep him in there!
Red Corner (3:02): Body lock!
Nate (3:01): He all wet!
Red Corner (2:59): It’s aweful. Yeah, referee’s gotta [...]
Nate (2:50): He’s wet, dude! He’s all wet.
Red Corner (2:48): Let your hands go! Don’t stand in front of him!
Nate (still about Condit being all wet): That’s weak dog. That’s weak.

Nicks corner is clearly frustrated that he let’s Condit escape from the cage so often, exclaiming "aw man!" and calling for him to stay on Condit.

Nate (1:50, as Condit sprints away again): Call for a yellow-card!
Red Corner: He’s running all day
Nate: That’s the best he can do man. He’s just surviving the fight!
Nate (1:15): Step on the outside!
Red Corner (1:13): Take the center! Make him come to you!
Red Coner (0:50): Put him in a war, Nick! Make him waste his...let’s get his heartrate up!

*again, there’s a lot of "let your hands go", "cut him off" and "Let him come to you" all throughout this round*

Red Corner (0:07): Takedown!

Before the 5th round
Nate: Hey ref! Ref! Ref! Ref! Ey, they keep wetting him! He’s all slippery because they keep pouring water all over him.
Referee: Alright, alright!
Nate: There’s water...
Somebody says: What do you think. Maybe Nick
Nate: No. No, no, no, no, fuck that, you got every round.
Somebody, maybe Nick (Although it doesn’t sound like him) says: "Don’t lie to me"
Nate: He might have got that last round but that’s it. You got the rest. You’re up three to one, okay? Rinse it out, take a drink. Let’s get a couple of ten second intervals in this one, ok? Whenever you want, whenever you’re ready.

5th round
Nate: This is the last round, right?
Red Corner Is this the fifth round?
Nate: Yah. Fifth round.
Nate (4:14 after the usual calls): Be smart Nick, make him miss!
Nate (4:02): Quick punches that land, alright?
Red Corner (3:38) You just stand in front of him! Come on Nick, come on!
Red Corner (3:26): Don’t stand on the outside!
Red Corner (3:12): Take him down when he stands like that!
Red Corner (2:32 as Nick gets a body-lock): There it is! V-lock! (?)

Lots of calls to "set that hook up", plus the usual stuff. Nate informs Nick oft he time at the 2 and 1:30 mark.

Nate: Yeah! (as Nick takes it tot he ground, 1:20)
Nate (1:10): He’s gonna finish somethin, dude.
Red Corner: Relax! You got a minute! You got a minute!
Nate: One minute!
Nate (0:50): Yeah, he’s trying to get that armbar.
Red Corner (0:40): Grab the chin!
Red Corner (0:30): Break his nose!
Nate: 30 seconds, go on top! Now, Nick, now!
Nate (0:17): Ey, let’s get some elbows, get some punches! 15 seconds!
Red Corner (0:09): Set that choke up!

After the fight:
Official: Nobody goes in until I say. Stay right here, please
Red Corner: Yes, Sir.
Nate: Fuck yeah!
Red Corner: Get his shirt!
Nate: Ey, gimme his shirt! Gimme his shirt!
Nate: You won that shit!

Official: Now get in there. You know what to do?
Red Corner: Yes, Sir!
Nate: Gimme that shirt!
Dana White: Good job, dude!
Nate: Ey! For sure four to one, a’right?
Nick: I got that? I got that homie?
Nate: Yeah Fuck yeah, you got that.
Nick: I pushe him back the whole time
Red Corner: Yeah, yeah, he ran.
Nate: All we got is the sweatshirt. Ey yo, put this on. I tell you [...] four to one for sure. No problem.
Red Corner: He ran too much.
Nick (probably looking at the replay): They’re showin only (?)his shit.
Nate: Yeah, that was the last round. But you got four to one for sure. There’s no way...
Nick (interrupting): I almost finished that armlock.
Nate: Yeah, yeah, I know. He knew he was biding (?) his time too. Hey look, Nick, you guaranteed no matter what won that fight.
Nate (shaking Greg Jacksons hand): Good fight!
Nate (shaking Carlos’ hand): Good fight, Carlos
Nick (after a few steps): Ran too much
Nate: Yeah
Nick (talking to Lorenzo Fertitta. Unfortunately, this is very hard to understand) : [...]You asked me to fight, I came here to fight. I’m not gonna[...]I came in a little heavy. It was either I could cut the calories or cut the sparring [...]

Nate pulls him away as the scores are ready to be read.
Nate: "Hey, listen. Listen: He did what he had to do, alright? That’s what. So he’d get through that fight"

And that was how Nick went into these last seconds before the decision was read. Listening to that was really kinda tragic. Unfortunately no further conversations were recorded although you can clearly see Nate and Nick talking in the background during the Condit-interview.

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