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Bellator Heavyweight Blagoi Ivanov Stabbed In Bulgaria, Fighting For His Life

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Bellator heavyweight Blagoi Ivanov was stabbed in the chest in a pub in Sofia, Bulgaria early Sunday morning and despite successful surgery, things are still very dicey for the Combat Sambo world champion. The Sofia News Agency passed along the unfortunate news today:

Bulgarian MMA fighter Blagoi Ivanov, who was stabbed early Sunday morning in a pub brawl in Sofia, is still fighting for his life, announced doctors.

Ivanov has sustained a deep knife wound in his chest that reached to his heard and is currently under artificial respiration at the intensive care unit of Pirogov Hospital in Sofia.

Surgeons have carried out a life-saving operation on their patient, but say his life is still under a real threat.

Sunday night Ivanov and two of his friends had just occupied their places in a bar on Graf Ignatiev Str., when a group of 8 persons armed with bats and knives came in and attacked them.

At 5.10 am police came in to find the attackers escaped and Ivanov with a deep stab wound under his armpit.

Ivanov (6-0, 1 NC) is probably best known for defeating Fedor Emelianenko in the finals of the 2008 Combat Sambo World Championships. He was signed by Bellator last year and went 2-0 in the promotion. His last bout was on Christmas Eve in Russia, where he defeated Ricco Rodriguez by controversial TKO.