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UFC 144 Results: Dana White Says Anthony Pettis Will 'Likely' Get Next UFC Lightweight Title Shot

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EX-WEC lightweights had a good night at UFC 144 in Japan, and it appears that the last WEC fight ever might be re-created in the UFC octagon. As we all know by now, Ben Henderson claimed the UFC lightweight title with a unanimous decision win over Frankie Edgar in the main event tonight. Anthony Pettis led off the card with a highlight-reel head kick knockout of Joe Lauzon, and made it clear that he thinks he deserves a title shot. And UFC president Dana White agreed with that when he spoke at the post-fight press conference:

"I think he's gonna get it."

The two met the first time at WEC 53, where Pettis claimed the win and the WEC lightweight title and made the term "Showtime Kick" popular. White did temper his enthusiasm somewhat by saying that he doesn't like making those kinds of decisions on fight night and "we'll see what happens", but it'd be hard to deny Pettis his shot at this point. Many would like to see the winner of UFC on Fox 3's main event, Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller, get a shot, but that fight is three months from now and this seems to make more sense. Dana has been known to change his mind on these things all the time, but as of tonight, it looks like Ben Henderson will be making his first UFC lightweight title defense against a familiar foe.

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