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UFC 144: Rampage Jackson Misses Weight By Five Pounds, Loses 20% Of Purse While Fight Goes On

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Photo: Esther Lin /

The UFC 144 weigh ins took place late tonight with the fighters hitting the scales to make their bouts official. There were no snags anywhere on the card other than when Quinton Jackson missed weight badly for his bout with Ryan Bader. When Rampage hit the scales he was at 211 for the light heavyweight bout. While the light heavyweight limit is 205 pounds, a fighter can weigh 206 for non-title fights.

It was clear when Rampage was walking out that he was sluggish and when he stepped on the scales he clearly knew that he missed weight. When the weight of 211 pounds was announced, it was followed with an announcement that he would give Bader 20% of his fight purse and the bout would go ahead as scheduled.

This will, no doubt, be met with continued questioning of Rampage's motivation to continue to compete at a high level in this sport. Something that has been an ongoing story with Jackson for years now.

Update: Rampage offered some explanation for missing weight. If you believe it or not is your call:

Rampage says he couldn't get enough roadwork because of a training camp injury .. He says he cut 21 pounds but couldn't get last 6
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There was also a situation where Rich Franklin took a few shots at Jackson's professionalism which led to this:

Rampage on Fuel: He says Rich Franklin should watch his mouth or I'll smack him the next time I see him. I'm tired of people questioning me.
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