What Would Sakuraba Do?

After his fight against the no good, dick piercing nicknamed John Albert, Ivan Menjivar was asked about how he survived the onslaught of "Prince" and responded with what really should be an age old question asked of mankind. He said he asked himself "What Would Sakuraba Do?

What Sakuraba would have done apparently was strangled John Albert and picked up the comeback submission victory because that is exactly what happened. I made a comment about the need of a WWSD? bracelet and a few people were into it so I want to see how much real interest there is in these bracelets. If you would like one and can pay for it (I'll set it all up and announce the final cost per person after this fanpost runs its course.

So drop a note in the comments if you want one. I'll set up a Paypal or something later when we get further into this.

Most Diabolical Earl of Montclair

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