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UFC 143: Dana White 'No One Knew GSP At One Time Either'

Matt Roth and other media members speak with UFC President Dana White. Photo by Esther Lin.
Matt Roth and other media members speak with UFC President Dana White. Photo by Esther Lin.

Following the UFC 143 pre-fight press conference, Dana White held a scrum with the media in attendance. Bloody Elbow's Matthew Roth was in attendance and shot video of the entire scrum. Dana White was hit with a ton of topics from all angles from the surrounding media.

In part one of a four part series, Dana White talks the UFC on Fox 2 event in Chicago and if he thought it was a good event. The UFC president had words for the naysayers, saying "ratings were awesome. I'm happy with the ratings. It was good."

He added, "the funny thing about that is. The chatter that you get about fights. First of all there was so much hype about that fight. Sonnen vs Bisping. The Maia fight. Even after the change people were like it's even more exciting now. And then after, everyone was like 'they set themselves up for these boring fights'. Shut up. People who come out after, you're a liar. You're a liar. You're an idiot. You sound like an idiot when you say that. These fights all looked exciting. You just never know what's gonna happen. Anything can happen on any given night. You can have three fights go to decision or you can put on a fight that you think's gonna go longer and it lasts 60 seconds. It's fighting. The hardest part of this whole thing is figuring out production. How many fights can you schedule? The commercial load that we've got and all the other things that you have to do. We did a pretty good job at getting this thing dialed in after the first fight going 60 seconds. As this thing evolves it's gonna be more about fighting. Fox has a system that they use for sports and you come into a big desk. What people are used to with the UFC are Goldie and Rogan on camera for two seconds and we get right into fights."

He also addressed the current slide the pay per view business without Georges St. Pierre, stating "GSP is a monster. I say it all the time that he's the pay per view king of this sport. It hurts without him but this is what we do. We put on guys like Condit and Diaz. No one knew GSP at one time either. You have to build guys."

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