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UFC 145 Video: Rashad Evans Calls Jon Jones Fake To His Face

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and his UFC 145 opponent Rashad Evans were guests on CSS SportsNite and didn't hold anything back. Jones plays his usual humble young sportsman role but Evans, a former teammate and friend of Jones, calls him on it.

The drama peaks when Jones starts talking about being a young man who doesn't have a lot of wealth and Evans points out that Jones owns a Bentley. Jones has to note that its a 2012 Bentley. From there the conversation degenerates.

Jones compares himself to Muhammad Ali and Evans points out that Ali was humbled. Evans does concede that Jones has earned his fame but insists that "there ain't nothing new under the sun" and tells Jones, "you're just a drop in the bucket, bro." Evans concludes that Jones is "preaching to the choir."

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