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Fight Video: UFC On Fuel TV's Submission of the Night - Ivan Menjivar Vs. John Albert

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Here's footage from Ivan Menjivar vs. John Albert, which went back and forth, and eventually produced last night's winner of the $50,000 "Submission of the Night" bonus.

You can also watch footage from the KO of the Night and the Main Event.

If you want a recap of the entire fight, here's our play-by-play from the live blog:

John Albert vs. Ivan Menjivar - Round 1 - Albert coming out quick and opening up and landing a right hand. Menjivar is trying to be aggressive but Albert is finding spots to really open up. Menjivar with a spinning backfist that clips Albert and looked to stagger him a bit. Menjivar with the takedown. He lands a few punches and Albert works his legs up high. Looking for the omoplata now but Menjivar defends and opens up a bit. Albert keeps attacking with triangles and elbows and now a heel hook. Menjivar defends and lands a kick to the body as he stands. Albert landing hard and now really opening up and Menjivar is hurt. Albert pounding away, looks like he got away with an illegal knee to a downed fighter but Menjivar manages to get the takedown. Menjivar gets the back now and is opening up with strikes. Now a rear naked choke is locked in and Albert taps. Incredible action there and a big win for Menjivar. Ivan Menjivar wins by submission (rear naked choke), 3:45 of round 1.