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UFC on Fox 5: B.J Penn vs. Rory MacDonald full fight video highlights

AT UFC on Fox 5 in Seattle tonight, Canadian welterweight Rory MacDonald picked up the biggest win of his career by taking out former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion B.J. Penn by unanimous decision in dominating fashion. MacDonald controlled almost the whole fight, landing an array of brutal strikes that busted Penn up. BJ was able to hold on until the final bell, but it was a thorough and complete beating nonetheless. You can check out the full fight video highlights of the bout. The Bloody Elbow commentary for the second round, which was Rory's most dominating round, is below.

Round 2 - Rory went back to the leg kicks early in round 2. BJ landed a nice right over the top. Rory responded with two huge jabs. Rory started picking Penn apart, landing combinations. Penn's output was way down already. Penn got back in it with a solid right. MacDonald landed a big bidy kick, and more body shots, and a head kick. Penn just stood there and took it, with no response. MacDonald beat him up some more, and Penn came back with a nice right. BJ's eye was messed up. MacDonald was landing at will. His shots to the body were pretty deadly. MacDonald got a takedown, probably just to prove he could. Rory just held him there for the rest of the round. 10-9 MacDonald, bordering on 10-8.