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UFC on FOX 5: Scott Jorgensen takes home $65,000 SOTN, FOTN bonuses

Dana White announced the post-fight bonuses for UFC on FOX 5, and while the main card delivered some tremendous action, three preliminary card fighters took home the bonuses.


UFC on FOX 5 was not short on action, and the opening fight of the evening between Scott Jorgensen and John Albert proved to be a sign of things to come as far as entertainment value and high-quality fighting. Jorgensen took Albert's back with the 1st round closing, sunk in a rear naked-choke and got Albert to tap out right as the horn sounded. Albert beforehand had acquitted himself well by attempting submissions off of his back, including a deep armbar attempt in the middle of the fight. Plenty of scrambles, sweeps, and other fast-paced high-level grappling made this the Fight of the Night. Jorgensen took home Submission of the Night as well by virtue of being the only person to even submit anyone tonight.

Knockout of the Night had multiple candidates, including Daron Cruickshank's incredible head kick aganist Henry Martinez, but Yves Edwards took the honors instead with his stunning KO of Jeremy Stephens. The 36-year-old veteran of the sport floored Stephens with a right hand to the jaw, followed up with hard shots no the ground including a brutal elbow to send Stephens into unconsciousness.

So just to recap for you:

(Post-fight bonus value: $65,000 each)

Along with some fight bonus factoids:

  • Scott Jorgensen has won consecutive FOTN honors, and 4 overall under the Zuffa banner (2 in the WEC). This is his first SOTN award.
  • John Albert records his first UFC "...of the Night" award, and hopefully he'll avoid the chopping block despite being winless in his last 3.
  • Yves Edwards has one of everything. A FOTN and SOTN win over Cody McKenzie and now KOTN.

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