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Juan Manuel Marquez knocks Manny Pacquiao out cold in sixth round

Juan Manuel Marquez took a beating but managed to finish Manny Pacquiao at 2:59 of the sixth round.

Al Bello

Manny Pacquiao put together a brilliant game plan and was executing it well for four of six rounds, but Juan Manuel Marquez dropped him twice with huge right hands and that was all he needed to get the win. After the second right hand, Pacquiao was flat on his face, out cold from a brutal straight counter right at 2:59 of the sixth round.

Pacquiao outlanded Marquez 94/52 and won all but the third and final rounds. He scored a 10-8 round in the fifth when he dropped Marquez. Pacquiao's head movement seemed to confuse Marquez and allowed him to land a lot of left hands to the head. He recovered from being dropped in the third round to dominate the fourth, fifth and most of the sixth round. In fact, when the end came, Pacquiao was pressing forward, looking to finish a cornered Marquez when he ate the counter.

After the fight, Marquez praised Pacquiao and called him a "great fighter." He credited his ability to change the rhythm of the fight for the win.

Pacquiao asked for a rematch and a fifth fight in the series after the bout.