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UFC on Fox 5 Results: Dana White says B.J. Penn should retire

UFC president Dana White tells an interviewer that former two division UFC champion B.J. Penn should retire following a loss to Rory MacDonald.

"He didn't say it tonight but I think BJ is probably going to retire," White said. "I wouldn't mind seeing that. He came back with a fire lit under him. Let me tell you what: That kid looked so good tonight. Rory looked better than he ever looked. The body punches he threw, you dont see punches like that in mixed martial arts. He really put it to B.J. tonight," said Dana White after the fight.

"B.J. is a warrior. Talk about a guy who doesn't give up, doesn't quit, and just keeps coming. I have so much respect for B.J. I always have, even though the good times and bad times. I‘d like to see him retire. He's got plenty of money, he's got a great family that loves him, he's got babies, a beautiful wife ... He has nothing left to prove to anybody, and everybody loves him. You heard the arena here tonight. I'd like to see B.J. retire."

Penn has lost 5 of his last 6 fights and hasn't won since a 2010 KO over the now retired Matt Hughes.