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UFC on Fox 5: Ben Henderson vs. Nate Diaz full fight video highlights

Fox Sports has video highlights from the UFC Lightweight title fight between Benson Henderson and Nate Diaz.

Fox Sports has the video highlights from tonight's UFC Lightweight title fight between defending champion Ben Henderson and Nate Diaz. Henderson took home a unanimous decision victory after dominating all five rounds. He disrupted Diaz' game, landed numerous slams and beat up Diaz on the feet and on the ground.

Here's Chris Hall's play-by-play for the second round:

With the first strike of the second round, Ben capitalized on Nate's refusal to check leg kicks. He took the contender down, landed some solid shots then a headkick as Diaz stood up. Despite Henderson offense Diaz was relentless until Ben landed a big left hook that put him down. Ben tried to finish but Nate recovered. Nate hit a hiptoss from the clinch, but Bendo got right back to his feet. The low leg kick from Benson took Nate off his front foot almost every time he threw it.