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UFC champ Jon Jones would rather fight Alexander Gustafsson than Shogun Rua

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In an interview with Karyn Bryant, UFC Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones says he prefers that Alexander Gustafsson beats Shogun Rua.

UFC Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones comes out and says he wants to fight Alexander Gustafsson rather than Mauricio "Shogun" Rua for two reasons:

  1. He's already fought Shogun and wants to fight someone new and
  2. Gustafsson, at 6'5", is bigger than Jones and would defuse some of the criticism that Jones takes for fighting smaller men.

Jones responded to the question "Some say that you didn't face the best Shogun" by saying, "Hey that's not my fault that Shogun didn't come fully prepared for the fight. But if he beats Gustafsson, I'll be happy to give him another shot."

Jones is currently coaching The Ultimate Fighter opposite Chael Sonnen. He'll defend his title against Sonnen in April, 2013.