Super Fight League is the best thing to happen to MMA since the guillotine choke. Here are 8 reasons why. (GIF heavy)

If you've never watched Super Fight League, I feel bad for you. You are really missing out on the best show in MMA today. Advertised to start at 11:30am EST, Super Fight League actually starts at 10:30am EST. Some of you may wonder why an up and coming promotion would do something like that every week? There is no answer. Only horns.

8 reasons why you need to watch SFL:

1. Guillotine chokes.

When was the last time you saw a standing guillotine choke that ended a fight in 40 seconds? If you are watching SFL, the answer is probably about 10 seconds ago. The guillotine choke is a very under rated move, and Indian fighters have mastered that shit. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Fuck that. Trade in your blue belt right now Ben, your deadly stuff has nothing for Indian Grappling.



2. Stand and Pound

Ground and pound? Pfft, that is a thing of the past. SFL 11 introduced us to devastating Stand and Pound. There is nothing I can say about this, the gif speaks for itself.



Look at that deadly stand and pound. STOP THAT FIGHT!

3. Arm in Rear Naked Chokes.

I hate to keep going back to the greatness of SFL grapplers, but some of this stuff is truly innovative and could revolutionize the ground game of MMA. Arm In rear naked chokes? Get me that guy's coach NOW!



4. Occasional OMG HOLY SHIT moments.

About once a show, you get at least one HOLY SHIT moment. Like every good surprise, you never know when it's coming but it always leaves you satisfied. That's what she said. My favourite moment? This HOLY SHIT from SFL 4.



5. Cage humping fighters.

SFL is about putting on a show and a big part of that is fighter celebrations. Some say this guy went to far with it. I say he didn't go far enough.



6. Dancing fans.

I've been to one UFC, and I didn't see anyone dancing who wasn't totally hammered and acting like a douche. If I was at the SFL, I'd see plenty of people having a great time while being sober! It's like a nightmare and paradise all wrapped into one vegetarian package.


7. Imported ring girls.

You import cars. You import food. You import energy. You import many goods and services. Why not ring girls?



Look at those moves! Stunning.

8. Supreet Bedi.

Supreet is the host of SFL, and she is super hot. There is a gif out there of her adjusting herself, but I respect here is a nice picture instead.



In closing, next week SFL is having their fight "night of champions" so I urge you to check it out on Friday morning at 10:30am EST. It's lots of fun, and lots of horns.

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