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UFC Ultimate Fighter live discussion thread: The semi-finals and the last episode

Join us here at Bloody Elbow for another night of UFC and The Ultimate Fighter. Tonight, we conclude the regular season with the semi-final fights as the TUF finalists are determined.

For the last time this season, it's time for The Ultimate Fighter: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson. After a rough 3 months, we've finally come to our last regular Friday episode of the season. Tonight, two semi-final matches will determine who moves on to the live Finale next Saturday. TUF airs at 10:00 p.m. ET tonight on FX - stay here at Bloody Elbow for live discussion.

The show managed to build up some good will in recent weeks, but blew a lot of that last week. Both of last week's quarter-final fights failed to deliver, including the Ricci vs. Hill Canadian grudge match. We're left with 4 fighters - 2 representing Roy Nelson, and 2 representing Trevor Wittman. Wait, I mean Shane Carwin. Right - Carwin? He's a coach this year, yes?

Anyway, here's what to watch for tonight:

  • Mike Ricci vs. Neil Magny. This one determines the Carwin rep in the finale. I may get burned yet again, but I am excited for this fight, as I think these are two guys with some decent upside. I hope they deliver, and that the loser here looks good enough to get another shot at the UFC down the road.
  • Colton Smith vs. Jonathan Manley in the Team Nelson battle. And sadly, I do not care one bit about this one. Neither guy has been particularly impressive, though Smith has shown good (if dull) wrestling.
  • My pick for the finals: Ricci vs. Smith.
  • With none of the other fighters getting a shot at the finale, this is our chance to bid a fond (?) adieu to the cast, so get ready to wipe a tear from your eye.
  • Finally, will Dana White have any parting comments on the season? It's been a disaster in many ways, with bad judging, forgettable coaching, dull fights, and really low viewership. Dana hasn't been quiet about his displeasure throughout the season - it will be interesting to see if he lets any of that show in this final episode.

Join you here at Bloody Elbow tonight for TUF.

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