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Jake Shields calls out Johny Hendricks, says to 'quit crying' about not receiving title shot

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Former #1 welterweight contender Jake Shields has put in his thoughts on Johny Hendricks' apparent title shot snub, telling him to "quit crying" and that Hendricks should fight Shields next.


If you've been following today's news that Nick Diaz is "probably" receiving the next welterweight title shot against Georges St. Pierre despite losing his last fight AND is still on suspension by the Nevada State AC, you'll find out that Johny Hendricks wasn't exactly pleased about this decision and wants to fight GSP next. He's been talking about this on Twitter for the last several hours, and Jake Shields has chimed in with his own thoughts towards Hendricks as well as a call to fight him.

To which Hendricks replied with this:

Shields, who last fought at MW against Ed Herman, is currently suspended after testing positive for a banned substance. His decision win was overturned to a "No Contest" and he recently mentioned returning to welterweight.

Personally I think it's ridiculous for Diaz to get a title shot after losing to Carlos Condit, but it's even more ridiculous for Jake Shields to say that "Nick has done more" and that Hendricks should fight Shields. Diaz, while widely regarded as a top welterweight, has only two "quality" wins at welterweight since 2010 and they are Paul Daley and B.J. Penn. Hendricks destroyed Martin Kampmann and Jon Fitch in less than 60 seconds combined, and edged out a very formidable Josh Koscheck. Shields would be a massive step down for Hendricks and honestly if Shields cannot get that fight to the ground and keep it there, it would almost surely be a short night for Jake.