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Anderson Silva rewarded with a Bentley

Photo of the latest edition Bentley, purchased by Zuffa brass for UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva

Image courtesy of Jorge "Joinha" Guimarães Facebook
Image courtesy of Jorge "Joinha" Guimarães Facebook

Anderson Silva has tons to smile about. He's the middleweight champion of the world. He has a beautiful wife and children. He's one of the most dangerous men on the planet, and in my humble opinion, the pound for pound best in the world. Let us not forget he hangs out with the honorable Sensei Seagal, and could probably stop a man's heart with some deflective Aikido move. Now, he's got the UFC's idea of the perfect gift, a brand new, shiny Bentley. That's right, this car isn't just for Bones Jones anymore.

Earlier this week, The Spider received the latest Bentley Continental GT from UFC head honchos, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta. USA tag price: $174,000. In Brazil, it costs more than double that amount, or $R 363,000. Anderson's manager, Jorge "Joinha" Guimarães, posted a picture of Silva's new whip on his Facebook page. Hopefully we'll get a better quality photo soon, but for now, have a look at a very sweet ride.

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