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Fabricio Werdum wants 'friend' Bigfoot Silva to beat 'chicken heart' Alistair Overeem

UFC heavyweight contender Fabricio Werdum will have his hands full with an Ultimate Fighter Brazil coaching position and eventual June fight with opposing coach Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, but he still has Alistair Overeem on his mind. Caged Insider caught up with Werdum in his gym to talk about the fight with Big Nog and a few other things, but the most interesting stuff he had to say were in regards to The Reem, a man he is 1-1 against in two fights. Overeem meets Antonio Silva at UFC 156, and Werdum made it quite clear who he will be rooting for:

"Bigfoot Silva is my friend. I want him to win. I think Bigfoot puts Overeem on the ground. Overeem has good stand up. I think [Alistair] is scared when he gets to the ground. 100 percent I think Bigfoot wins the fight."

He also said that it was obvious that Overeem was on the "special juice" for their 2006 fight in Pride:

"For sure, the time in 2006, when I fought with him. For sure he was on the juice again. The special juice. All the time he's on the special juice. I don't know. In Japan it's not like here in the U.S.A. There's a lot of control, I like that, but in 2006 in Japan, in Pride there was control, but not 100 percent. They had tests but don't find the drugs."

Werdum also took the time to get in another shot at Overeem when discussing a potential Junior dos Santos/Overeem fight:

"Yes, maybe Dos Santos knocks down [Overeem]. I think this because Dos Santos has good boxing, he's a smart guy, very confident in his stand up. I know Alistair Overeem was a champ at K-1 with good stand-up too, but I don't think Overeem doesn't have a big heart. Dos Santos has a big heart, Overeem has a chicken heart."

Who knows, if everyone plays their cards right we could end up seeing Overeem/Werdum 3 at some point. Hopefully it would be better than their second fight, which was dreadful.

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