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Helwani: Anderson Silva's manager says Georges St. Pierre doesn't want the fight


Those of you that were hoping for a champion vs. champion superfight are probably going to have to wait a little longer for it. It appears that Dana White's dream of a superfight between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva is probably not up next. On Fuel TV's UFC Tonight, Ariel Helwani reported that Silva's manager doesn't believe GSP wants the fight right now:

"We have heard a lot from GSP. He said he wants this fight to happen on his terms. He may not be ready for it just yet," Helwani said. "But I spoke to Anderson Silva's manager last night, and he told me that he truly doesn't believe that GSP wants this fight next and therefore he doesn't believe this fight will happen."

St. Pierre has been vocal about wanting the fight to take place in his weight class of 170 pounds, believing (accurately) that Silva is much bigger than him. I know it's something a lot of fans (and UFC brass) want, but I'm glad it's likely not going to happen. I'd much rather see divisions moving along titles defended and instead of stopping everything for a "superfight".

If this indeed isn't the next bout for either man, hopefully we can move onto a more genuine focus - will Johny Hendricks be across the cage from GSP the next time he fights? With Chris Weidman out after surgery, could the winner of Michael Bisping vs. Vitor Belfort get a shot at Silva (yes, a second Belfort fight with Silva could absolutely happen - it'd make a ton of money in Brazil)? Or will Silva just sit out for a while and make movies now that the big-money bout is off the table?

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